That's right folks! I am joining the dark side and becoming one of "those" bloggers! You know the kind that like to share free stuff with all of you! If you have something you would like reviewed or to sponsor a giveaway please email me at littlebitlife@gmail.com and I will forever be your slave.

Not sure if I'm your girl for the reviews/giveaways? Well first off don't worry - my readers are much cooler than I am so it will all be going to a good cause! Them! :) Do you have an etsy shop and want to promote your handmade pregnancy pillows/diaper bags/cocoa butter/etc stuff for pregnant ladies? I'm your gal! Come January or February Jellybean will be here and he says he will try anything for babies! (Except brussels sprouts - he doesn't care how much I like them!) He's also more than happy to share the giveaways even if its only because Mom is making him! So cloth diapers, gas drops, binky's, play pens, strollers, you name it - we'll give it a shot. I'm a first time Mommy and he's a first time baby so you know we'll be unbiased. If you want I'll even drag the hubby into this thing - He's straight up country and will be happy to review/giveaway beer (hmm scratch the giveaway on that...), fishing tackle and equipment, anything UFC related, power tools and ways to look busy that will keep the wifey off his back!


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