Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pregnancy Randomness

I can’t remember the last time I blogged.


I finally read some blogs in my reader this morning. But didn’t comment on any of them. I’m not very verbose at 3am. That’s the time I’ve been up since.


So yeah, I’m a shitty blogger.


Speaking of shit. Guess who was lucky enough to catch a stomach bug last week. At six months pregnant?


Yup, started off down south and then I got realy nauseous. Knew I had to leave work. Knew I had to leave the car seat at day care so Joey could pick Jellybean up.


Puked all over myself and the car on the way home. Didn’t move for the next 18 hours.


Then Joey caught it. And his truck broke down. Its still sitting in our driveway. Immobile.


At least Jellybean didn’t get it.




He’s growing right on track.




Had my belly jumping like crazy last night, You could see it from across the room. Freaked Jellybean out!


Also? From the right angle (or wrong angle?) –my belly button now looks like a penis. Not kidding. I’ll try to get a picture for you guys. I’ve always had this weird innie/outie type belly button that actually looks like a button. So now that it’s popped it kind of has a head on it and looks like. Well THAT!


Which is funny since Jujube gives us a great shot of his genitals at every ultrasound  so all I can picture is that he’s there..poking it out.


Wrong, so wrong I know. But funny!


On that note – I’ll resume chugging this sweet tea since I’ve been up since 3. I get to sleep in until 4:30 tomorrow to take Joey to work.


Contain your jealousy!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

114 Days


114 Days.


If everything goes as planned that is how long I have until I am officially a mommy of two. In fact if all goes as planned then by this time on May 10, I will be a mommy of two already.


114 Days.


Currently my house still only has working lights/electrical outlets in half of it. An entire bedroom is being used as a storage space. We need to replace carpet in two rooms. All my newborn stuff is in boxes, the attic and other random places.


Between Christmas and Jellybean’s birthday – it looks like Toys R Us threw up in my living room. I need to put clean sheets on all the beds. Vacuum. Wash dishes and put away dishes.


114 Days.


Plan a registry. Find hidden money since rewiring our house cost us a bundle. Get some freezer meals stocked up. Activities for Jellybean while we’re home.


114 Days.


And that is why yesterday after work I didn’t head home. I went to my parent’s house. Joey has been working out of town again for the past month and a half. Its hard on Jellybean (and me). He wants his Daddy. I want some help. So yesterday after hearing him ask for two days straight to go see his Babcia and Dziadzo. I did just that. I took him and said screw the chores, the cooking, the cleaning.


In 114 Days – his world is going to be rocked. He will no longer be the only one. He’ll be sharing Mommy, Daddy and everyone else. So for 114 Days – its okay to spoil him a little more than usual. To wait until he’s in bed to do all the grown up stuff. To take turns sleeping next to him or letting him sleep in our bed. To give him popsicles before bed.


Because in 114 Days, he will no longer be our only baby.


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tired...Just Tired

So dang tired of Joey being out of town for work all the time. I don't recall signing up to be a single mom who works full time while five months pregnant and caring for a toddler,a home and a small zoo.

Yes, I'm whining and yes, it's well deserved. This mom needs a break!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Taboo!

I’ve mentioned before that I host a mommy group on Facebook and I’m also on a breastfeeding support group on there too.


Both really great groups with really great people.


Given that we are all mom’s on there its safe to say that we all have at least one thing in common.


Yet most of the moms are terrified to bring up any questions dealing with it. In fact it remains a Taboo subject.




I can venture to say that in most cases – barring IUI and IVF – you in fact had sex in order to now be a mom. Hopefully you even enjoyed it. You might miss it. You might not. You might wonder if you will ever want it again. You might scream if your significant other even attempts to touch you in a sexual manner within the next year because by GOD you need to get some sleep and heaven forbid you get pregnant again.


All normal.




We are sexual creatures by nature. Its normal. We should want it – or not right after having a kid.


My sex drive took about six months to come back after Jellybean. I didn’t really want it until around a year.


Regardless – we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Ask questions. Support each other.


Don’t speak about it in hushed voices. Worry there is something wrong with you in silence.


Be proud, embrace it.


You didn’t make a baby by not having sex. You should want to have it again some time.


You should worry about your marriage or relationship. Want to know how to keep intimacy in it until you are ready. That makes you a good partner.


I address it by hosting a mommy group at my house about every six months where we all get together and talk about it all – marriage, sex, relationships, our bodies. Without fear. Without shame.


Be brave – host one yourself. Your friends will be grateful to you!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - The Year I Will

I don't believe in resolutions. I think they just set you up for failure. And once you fail you feel like its pointless to try to pick back up and try again.

So I don't have resolutions for 2013 but I do have goals.

 1)      Be more financially resposible.

     i.   Pay down our debt

     ii.  Stick to a budget

    iii. Be less impulsive with our money

 2)      Counter productive to #1 but take a babymoon with Joey. Without Jellybean. We need it. Our marriage needs it. Jellybean needs a weekend away from us before Jujube gets here. I'll find something inexpensive and sometime in February we will go and we will enjoy it. Even though I'll be sick with worry half the time!

 3)      Make more time for myself. Even if its by force. It may just mean going to Starbucks for an hour. I went to Panera on my lunch break a few weeks ago and just ate and relaxed by myself. It was divine. I need more of that and less of trying to do it all.

 4)      Make our marriage a priority everyday.

       i.   Joey works out of town a lot and a lot of overtime. It seems like weekends are the only time we can get anything done. By doing it all on the weekends we lose time for each other.

       ii.  This month I will declutter our entire house one way or another. Creating less work for us and more time for each other.

      iii. We've started Saturday night "family" date nights on the couch. We make a special dinner we really want – steak, crab legs, etc. We enjoy it and then pull the sofa bed out, pop some popcorn and lay on the couch and watch a movie as a family. Jellybean fall sasleep in the first half hour and then its just us. Enjoying each other. We need more of that.

5)  Find a new job. I need something that pays better. Hopefully closer to home. With more flexible hours or better PTO. My sister keeps urging me to look into HR/recruiting since many times you can work from home and it pays well. With my background in marketing it may be a good fit for me. I need to do my research.



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