Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home...or else

So as I mention in our description - we would like to buy a house this year. I don't know how it happened but somehow half the year had passed and still no house.

All the money I had been saving for that down payment....the Chevy dealership now has it since we had to get Joey a new vehicle back in April. (I still don't understand why he couldn't keep driving the Saturn - it was just missing a window, had no AC or radio, and overheated after backing out of the driveway) Don't even get me started on his "project Jeep" that was supposed to replace the Saturn. After pouring somewhere around $2500 into the money pit, it blew a rod through the engine on the first test drive and is now once again sitting in our driveway - immobile.

So as I said before - I have to buy a house this year and it is almost July already. I've made it my mission to save up enough for a down payment and closing costs by the end of September - its going to be tough and all my luxuries will be out the window but so worth it in the end. The two huge reasons I want to do this now are A) The government is going to rape us on our taxes if we don't buy a house since we make too much (according to them - I beg to differ) and we don't have anything to write off and B) I don't want to miss out on that $8,000 credit for first time homebuyers.

I'm somewhat obsessed with the idea now. I peruse realtor.com and zillow. I take winding drives home from work so I can scope out the for sale signs. I've held off on using up the rest of my Pier 1 gift card since I want to use it for the new house. Did I mention yet I don't have the down payment saved up? That I haven't even gotten preapproved for a mortgage yet. I figure these are all minor details. We all know the important factors here are window shopping homes, decorating and the dreaming stage. I figure once I buy a house its going to be a long time before I can even consider getting into another one so I may as well enjoy the process.

Anyone have a nice 4/2 in the historic section of Deland for around $100,000 they'd like to sell me with no down payment? :)

Till next time,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Revolt began...

Anyone who has a cat as a pet knows that the sayings "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff" or " You don't own your cat. The cat owns you. And the cat owns the house. You just pay the mortgage" knows that both statements are unequivocally true.

Well the revolt began in my house this morning. It came on out of nowhere. Meet your opponents:



Now - I don't have all of the details as the fight went down around 5am and I woke up around 6ish to cleanup the aftermath. I don't know what Joey did to provoke the revolt but.....it must have been a huge transgression like disrupting Cadillac's 23.5 hours of sleep per day or heaven forbid - not letting him into the garage.

All I do know is I was woken up at 5:30am to the sound of my house falling down around me. It literally sounded as if someone had dropped every kitchen plate, glass, bowl etc onto our tile floor. I decided I didn't want to deal with it yet and rolled over to snag another half hour of sleep. I vaguely remember Joey saying something like our animals re going insane as he kissed me and left for work.

I walked into the living room around 6 and realized that everything that is usually stacked on top of our tv - cable box, dvd player, photos, knick knacks etc was gone. My first thought was "Were we robbed?" Then I realized that maybe they would have taken something more valuable than the cable box and $20 dvd player so I peeked behind the tv.... and saw all 8,478 things from the top of the tv piled down there.

"Hmm...so that explains the noise..."

At this point Cadillac wanders out to watch me pick up each and every knick knack, electronic device, and on and on while licking himself and looking oh so innocent. After surveying the damage and noticing limited breakage I decided to let this one go...

but if it happens again I'm following through with my threat to bring a cute cuddly kitten into the house and making him compete for attention!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I can't believe the nerve....

So remember that Dr appt with the ob/gyn that I had been looking forward to since May? The one that was already rescheduled once and was supposed to happen today? The appointment that was super important to me since this makes a year I'm off bcp and I wanted to know what steps we need to take next in order to get moving on the baby making business? Well guess who calls me this morning to reschedule again?

Needless to say I was very upset since I rearranged work and other appointments to squeeze this into my schedule. They then had the audacity to suggest they could send me somewhere else for my ultrasound and then I could come back to meet with the doctor once the results were in. Pay my copay twice because of their errors? No thanks! I informed them I was just going to find a different provider instead.

Searched around, read some reviews, and I have an appt scheduled for 7/9 with a new Dr. who will hopefully be more professional and will get the ball rolling for us since I am more than ready for some babies.

Wish me luck!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakthroughs and a break in general!

So Thursday brought us an amazing breakthrough which I NEVER thought would happen. Before I get into that you'll be needing some background information.

Meet Joey - the hubby. I really truly love my husband to death but his one terminal fault is - he doesn't talk, ever. The man will not share anything that may be bothering him or discuss emotional topics. It is a closed case with him. You get one word answers, grunts and I don't want to talk about it. I've tried being lovey, ignoring him and chinese water torture. None of these methods produced significant results.

As you may have noticed in a few of my previous posts - the hubs hasn't exactly been in the greatest mood lately. This in turn has led to some dischord in the home. (Cutting through the bs - we've been fighting thanks to his shi**y mood)

Finally on Thursday after fight #2846 over nothing my hubby broke down and talked to me about what was bothering him and we started moving ahead. Since then it has been like living in a completely different home. We've been helping each other out and just getting along like we use to since then. I don't expect it to last forever but what a relief!

We had a busy weekend too so thank goodness for resolving that situation. On Friday we had Joey's nephew Dawson come over for the weekend, Joey's Mom and Dad stopped by, we had Devin and a neighborhood kid came over too. Joey took care of the yard. I walked the pooch and the boys, ordered pizza and then Joey's parents watched the kids while we made a Walmart run. Saturday Joey had an MRI so we dropped the boys off at my Mom and Dad's to play with my sister's kids then we ate lunch there and headed home. I took a nap when we got home since I had eaten like crap Friday and Saturday and it hit me hard. Joey cleaned the whole house inside and out while I was sleeping. So I went grocery shopping and made dinner once I woke up.

Sunday capped off a wonderful weekend. I woke up and made some amazing banana nut bread.

Joey's mom said it was "Out of this world"

My Cinnamon Apple tea hit the spot too!

I planted some peppers in the yard and sprayed the boys and the dog with the hose for a bit and then we were off to Joey's Uncles house to drop off both boys for a few days and have a fish fry. Joey wanted to go fishing but the weather wouldn't cooperate. I sat around read some books and we all yelled at the boys every 2.3 minutes.

Then we drove home and just reveled in the silence. Tonight its steak, sweet potato fries, and grilled artichoke. What a week!

Till next time,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The funk...

Once again I have been a blogging slacker but my excuse this time is genuine! We spent the weekend at my sister’s house since Veronika had her gymnastics show and Devin really only comes to Florida to play with his cousins!

So that ate up most of my weekend and since then…I’ve had the funk.

My brother-in-law, Shane, had “allergies” over the weekend which somehow were passed on to me and Ronnie in the form of congestion and my throat being on fire. It hasn’t actually been too bad between the Vicks and the Mucinex. I just hope it passes quickly as I was planning on beaching it this weekend and I don’t think fevers go well with the beach. Oh well we shall see.


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