Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Transmission Interrupted

The screen on my laptop...which I just purchased in August..went on the fritz so it has been shipped off to HP for repairs. That means transmission is down - both with me blogging and reading other blogs until it returns! Sorry folks but doing it off my phone is just a PITA!

7-10 days and I should be back up!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Little Tike Activity Walker

Alright folks – I’m working on very,very little precious sleep here so I’m sorry if this weeks Thing I Love is a wee bit lame.

Sometimes – that happens.

This was one of the first things I registered for. I remembered that my nephew Austyn had one and loved the thing so I just knew I had to get one for Jellybean. I love it because I can fold it up when I don’t want him walking around the house and he can still play with it. I also love that you can adjust the speed on it. Right now we have it set to go pretty slow since the Jellybean is still learning how to work the old feet in tandem.

Jellybean – he loves it because the envelopes are good to chew on, the flaps are fun to open – oh and this –

is pretty darn cool too!

Also Mom's Christmas and Jellybean's 1st birthday are fast approaching - PLEASE tell me what things I am going to need for my busy, busy toddler!

What do you love this Thursday?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PYHO - I Don't Always Like Him

Since we are here to be honest I think I'm going to start my PYHO this week with some brutal honesty.

I don't always like my husband.

It's true.

There are moments where I downright can't stand him.

Since we had Jellybean - my patience for him has gotten much shorter.

This may be directly related to my definite lack of sleep over the past year or so.

Dirty clothing left on the bathroom floor or an unflushed toilet have the capability to send me right over the edge now.

Its not pretty and its not something I'm proud of.

Especially since he is precariously teetering on the same ledge as I am with the feelings of being overwhelmed.

We both have been guilty of making a lot of broad statements and tons of "You" statements -

You never put your clothes away.

You don't do half the work around here that I do.
You always, I never, I always...
 It's not fair....

Our bickering has been immature and it hasn't been getting us anywhere.

Unless we are talking about breastfeeding there isn't anything either one of us always or never does.

I usually cook dinner, wash dishes and put laundry away.

The hubby usually takes out the trash, feeds the pets, and handles the yard work.

There are times we flip flop though.

There are also many, many times where neither one of us does anything productive that day.

Our favorite time to pick on the other person - when they are taking care of Jellybean having fun with Jellybean while the other person is tackling some chores. Both necessary evils and impossible for one person to do at the same time - trust me - I've attempted. But somehow it just makes you want to bitch if you're the one washing a mountain of dishes while you hear giggles and squeals coming from the living room.

The fighting though - its not necessary. It makes things tense at home and none of us need that.

So - we are working on it.

The first and hardest step has been trying to use I statements instead of you statements. I know we've all heard it a million times but implementing it is so much harder. Mainly because it’s a lot harder to throw a zinger and get a rise out of the other person when you use I statements. And when you are upset - sometimes you just really are out for blood. So now we try to reword things.

Like the next time I walk in the bedroom and realize it smells like a urinal because someone failed to flush the toilet in the attached bathroom and it has been sitting there all day - I am going to try to say something like -

"Honey, I really prefer if the toilet gets flushed after it is used. I understand that some people follow the whole if its yellow let it mellow theory but I don't think that is a good idea here. I know its just a matter of time before our dear Jellybean is exploring and I would hate for that to be something it gets in to. Perhaps I could hang a little sign above the toilet to remind you?"

"Do you think this might work, darling?"

We also are trying to be more supportive of each other. Like I had asked Joey if he could start making the bed before he leaves in the morning. I use to do this when I was the last one to leave but now that he leaves after /I do - its hard to make the bed while someone is still in it. Not that I haven't done it before.

So when I came home the other day and found that he had actually remembered to do it - I made it a point to thank him.

Do I still get upset when he parks himself on the couch before I get home from work and then doesn't lift a finger the whole night?


And you can bet your lucky stars that I let him know it. THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG.


We're trying...

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conversations with Jellybean

Conversations with Jellybean is hanging out on my Facebook today.

Mostly because I am too lazy to figure out how to transfer the video here.

I took me an hour and a half to get Jellybean to sleep last night.

That would be the time I usually spend blogging.

When I woke up at 2:30 this morning I had no idea how Jellybean ended up in bed with me. No recollection of getting him out at all. In fact I know he was in his bed when I went to sleep.

Definitely drinking coffee today.

So head over to my Facebook page to get your Jellybean fix.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Its 8:40 on Sunday night and I am convinced the clock is wrong. It must be at least 10 pm with how tired I am.

Jellybean took a two hour nap yesterday.

From 5pm to 7pm.

I finally got him to go back to sleep at 11pm.

He woke up at 9:30 this morning.

By that time I had already made sweet potato waffles, put most of his laundry away and was about to start stuffing diapers.

I hit the bank with Jellybean, Goodwill, and did the grocery shopping. Then I cleaned his room, organized my stepson's room which has become the junk room, cleaned our bedroom, did countless loads of laundry and played and fed with the Jellybean in between.

I finally sat down to relax at 7pm while Joey gave Jellybean a bath.

Then he got riled up again and I had to take him for a walk.

That did the trick.

After that I finally got to take a shower AND blowdry my hair.

That happens about once a month.


I'm eating a chocolate chip cannoli AND Praline Ice Cream from Blue Bell.

After that I may have some chips.

Don't Judge.

I totally deserve it.

And tomorrow?

I'm totally eating the other cannoli that was supposed to be for the hubby!

Also - Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary to the best parents a girl could ask for!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life Lessons - Bruiser

Goodness gracious - Friday took forever to get here! I'm so glad it finally made it though! I skipped Life Lessons for a bit there - we've been busy, busy! So glad I made it back for it now though. Let's get this thing going!

1) Jellybean had a double ear infection. He was miserable last weekend. Broke my heart. Now he's on antibiotics and back to his happy self.
2) He's also up to 14 lbs. That's a gain of 11 pounds since birth.
3) He is also a standing, creeping, trying to walk machine.
4) Daycare wants to rename him Bruiser since he keeps earning himself new ones! This could be because he is a wee bit overconfident on what his abilities are!
5) On to the hubby. He makes me realize how these women end up on Snapped.
6) Napping on the couch after work all evening while I take care of the baby, make dinner and handle everything else.
7) That's asking for a death sentence right there.
8) Now he's out of town for work again and I'm secretly glad. I need a little break from him.
9) I'm secure enough to admit that.
10) I've been taking Jellybean to the park during my lunch break all week. We both love it. At least I think he loves it -

11) On a sad note - my bunny passed away last weekend. He was 11 years old so he had a good run. Hubby was sweet enough to put this on his grave.

12) I mentioned I was going to miss the little guy. Hubby says we can get another. Umm - no, I won't miss him THAT much. He did go through college, multiple relationships, marriage, home buying and a baby with me!
13) I'm sure he's living it up in bunny heaven right now though!
14) I think I need a new blog design. Affordable though. Any suggestions?
15) Finally, my coworker and I have a lunch date set for my 29th birthday - November 7 - to get White Chocolate Peppermint Fraps from Starbucks. That for me is the official start of holiday time!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - These Moments

This is an opportunity to link up every week and share something you or your kiddos just can't live without. Sort of an online girl's night out. So dish about that great new toy you bought your kid or the amazing lipstick everyone needs to try. Let us know what we are missing in our lives.

My thing I love this Thursday isn't a place or a product. It's a moment. Its about taking the time to slow down and just enjoy.

Yesterday was another sunny, beautiful Florida day. I went to feed Jellybean during my lunch break as usual and I decided to run over to the park with him. I hate him being stuck at day care all day so I pulled a "cool mom" trick.

So this Thursday, the thing I love the most is this half hour on a Wednesday at lunch with my Jellybean.

Me and him.

A break in monotony.

And the cutest damn smile - EVER!

What do you love this Thursday?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

PYHO - It's Not My Place

Many times in the past few months I've read blog entries about mom's being competitive and judging each other. About the unspoken war we all have going with each other about who is the better Mom. I really, really try not to judge and try to remember to each his own.

But sometimes? It takes all my strength and self control to not open my mouth and say something.

Like when you see people laying a 5 month old on their stomach to sleep, while wrapped in the baby comforter and then they let said baby "Cry It Out" for the next two hours..

I really wanted to shout at them "FOR PETE'S SAKE! YOU CALL YOURSELF PARENTS?"  but I didn't, I simply went to bed instead while peering down at my Jellybean and once again feeling blessed that he is such a good baby.

Its such a hard line to walk between wanting to offer others insight from all the reading you have done and crossing that line into unsolicited advice. I have made it a point to be a well educated parent. I read as much as I can and research what methods are out there and what science and study supports. I try to share that as much as I can. If there is something I am unsure of - I ask.

That is why I get frustrated when I see people doing things which I know aren't suggested or could be detrimental to their child. Then I remember - It's Not My Place to tell someone else how they should raise their child.

They are choosing the methods which they feel will work best for them and their family. That probably won't be what is working best for us. That doesn't necessarily mean that one of is wrong and the other right. My choices aren't any better than someone else's.  Just different.

Honestly? Joey and I don't always agree on the best way to do things with the Jellybean. I am okay with somewhat following Baby Led Weaning - it scares the crap out of Joey and he prefers to break up food into miniscule pieces that Jellybean needs a magnifying glass in order to find. I don't believe in spanking and Joey thinks there is nothing wrong with it.

If we don't always agree with each other - there is no way I can tell someone else what they should be doing in their own home. So, when those moments come that someone is doing something I would never consider doing in a million years - I take a deep breath and smile -

and remember that -

some people would never let their baby sleep in bed with them

(when its 3 am and all Jellybean wants is to snuggle and nurse and has a melt down every time I lay him in his bed...I let the kiddo sleep where he will - Mama needs sleep too!)

some people would be appalled that I don't disinfect every item that Jellybean drops on the floor

some people can't believe that Jellybean still isn't sleeping through the night, I mean I should really sleep train him

some people would frown upon my plan to let Jellybean self-wean as long as that may take

so I choose to try to not judge, lest I be judged myself!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conversations with Jellybean - Vacation mode

Hey Jellybean! I heard you went on vacation to Savannah!
How was it?

Wait, we went somewhere?

Huh, I must have missed it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Sprout Baby Food

I had the best of intentions to make all of Jellybean's food myself. I was going to buy everything organic and whip up culinary creations that he would enjoy every day. For the most part I have made most of Jellybean's food - currently our freezer has three different soups my mom made for him, hummus made by me, plum and banana puree, sweet potato-squash-apple puree, mango-cantaloupe-peach puree, rhubarb and peach puree, Brussels sprouts and squash puree and a few other things. I also let him try bits of what we are having. While on vacation I ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich only to have him devour my fish instead. I love what an adventurous eater he is and how healthy he usually eats.

That being said - there are times where I just can't make his food. Shoot there are times where I don't have the energy to make our dinner, let alone whip something up for him. Or when we are traveling it just doesn't make sense to bring our food. In those instances I usually turn to Sprout. Sprout is the brainchild of chef Tyler Florence and their recipes are all organic and oh so tasty. I make it a point to taste anything I'm going to serve Jellybean and there are times where I rip open a pouch of Sprout and I'm jealous that my baby is eating better than I am. Case in point - Joey and I grabbed McDonald's while at Wal-mart one evening. 

Jellybean - he had Ginger Chicken with Bananas, Coconut and Rice. 

If I'm not going to serve my child something I made myself I want to know that he is getting the next best thing and I truly do believe that is the case with Sprout. It was a life saver having those pouches with me when we were vacationing in Savannah. Jellybean loved the variety in the food and I loved not having to figure out how to feed him while we stayed in a cabin without a kitchen!
 Jellybean ate this at the Waffle House when we were on the road. I had a BLT. He wins!

Sprout also mixes in different spices and flavors which is a huge deal with me. I don't want to raise a picky eater. My step son is one and it drives me crazy trying to plan meals when he is here. Jellybean has already been exposed to cumin, garlic, cinnamon and a variety of other spices. He noshes on broccoli as happily as his puffs or crunchies. Sprout lets me encourage exposing him to a host of different flavors and ingredients. 

Now if only they would expand into big kid meals I'll have something to fall back on once Jellybean is past the purees!

What are you loving this Thursday?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PYHO - I'm not Cured

Y'all - write this day down in the history books. Not only am I actually posting a blog but last night...Jellybean SLEPT ALL NIGHT! If you were wondering what the nationwide parades and fireworks were for this morning. Now you know. This is a freaking momentous occasion. I'm not holding my breath that he will do it again tonight but at least I know that he's familiar with the concept.

Speaking of Jellybean, he is in a way a topic of my PYHO post for this week.

As I've mentioned a few times before - we really struggled to conceive the Jellybean. I went off birth control in July of 2008 and didn't conceive Jellybean until May of 2010. In the meantime I went through a bout with a pesky ovarian cyst, changed OB/GYN's, started fertility treatment with a reproductive endocrinologist whose main mission was to get as much money as they could out of me, took a break from fertility treatments and then finally went back to my AMAZING OB who finally worked with me on getting the right amount of medication prescribed that would get me pregnant. I spent a few thousand dollars with the RE and about $18 with my OB on prescriptions only.

Let me tell you seeing those two pink lines was one of the best days of my life. When you are sitting on almost two years of negative tests you start to give up hope and wonder if it will ever happen for you.

I have a friend who started trying around the same time we did, so they are at over three years with still no baby. Funnily enough she was with my original doctor that I left because I felt she was incompetent. Now that friend finally decided to go down the fertility treatment route too so I was in a position of being able to answer questions, offer advice and keep my fingers crossed for them. She gets to test Friday and I truly hope they are pregnant.

Answering all those questions though, it made me start thinking about #2. I have already let the hubby know that I want to try again next year. That is if Jellybean ever gets to a point in breast feeding where I get my cycles back. You would think that now that I have Jellybean I would be more optimistic about the next time.

The truth is - just because I got pregnant once - I am not cured.

There is a good chance that my good ole pal infertility is still lurking in the shadows. I'm terrified that this time it won't be as simple as 100mg of Clomid. That it may take more which I know we can't afford. I'm going to ask that if you know someone who is trying to conceive - don't offer advice. Don't tell them to relax. Do the deed every other day. Stand on your head and then do three consecutive back flips. Trust me if they are struggling with infertility they have tried it all.

Just offer support and prayers.

And if someone is experiencing secondary infertility don't tell them to just be happy with the kids they already have. The pain is just as strong regardless of which child you are going for.

Once again prayers and support.

So next year when I'm ready to start trying I'll be sending all of you back to this entry, okay?

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