Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daddy Gotta Fix It

The moment that made up for my toddler being a brat most of the day.

I'm changing Jellybean in to dry clothes after the pool when he says he needs to go potty. So we walk over and he's standing there trying to do his thing.

He looks at me and says "My peepee won't come out. My penis is broken."

Through the tears, I say "Oh yeah, what do we do?"

He looks at me seriously, nodding and answers "Daddy gotta fix it!"

At that point I lose it to hysterical laughter and almost drop Jujube.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh..hey there

So I kind of left you guys hanging,

I told you about giving birth to this beautiful boy -

and then I fell off the bloggy world.

Well I had a rough go of it. I actually had my uterus rupture during my VBAC attempt. So my OB initially said - "No More Babies." I disagreed - more on that later.

If that wasn't enough - I was back in the hospital a week later. My gall bladder shut down on me and I had more surgery to get that out.

I stayed with my parents for two weeks recovering. It was brutal. Since then - life has just been busy. Play dates, splash pads, camping and such. I figured out I'm really good at this SAHM thing. I haven't missed work at all. So our plan is to have me go back just until we've paid off our debt and established some savings. Then I'll be mom - full time. To both my boys.

Next month I meet with the perinatologist to review my case. I think my odds are pretty good for future pregnancies. And we want more.

I love being a mom to two even if Jellybean drives me crazy with his toddler antics. He is a total parrot now and cracks us up with the things he'll say. Jujube amazes us. He's rolling over already! Nurses like a champ. Hates the car seat and the baby gym.

Jellybean adores Jujube and needs to know where he is as soon as he wakes up.

And me - I'm tired, sleep deprived, broke - and loving every second of it.


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