Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh..hey there

So I kind of left you guys hanging,

I told you about giving birth to this beautiful boy -

and then I fell off the bloggy world.

Well I had a rough go of it. I actually had my uterus rupture during my VBAC attempt. So my OB initially said - "No More Babies." I disagreed - more on that later.

If that wasn't enough - I was back in the hospital a week later. My gall bladder shut down on me and I had more surgery to get that out.

I stayed with my parents for two weeks recovering. It was brutal. Since then - life has just been busy. Play dates, splash pads, camping and such. I figured out I'm really good at this SAHM thing. I haven't missed work at all. So our plan is to have me go back just until we've paid off our debt and established some savings. Then I'll be mom - full time. To both my boys.

Next month I meet with the perinatologist to review my case. I think my odds are pretty good for future pregnancies. And we want more.

I love being a mom to two even if Jellybean drives me crazy with his toddler antics. He is a total parrot now and cracks us up with the things he'll say. Jujube amazes us. He's rolling over already! Nurses like a champ. Hates the car seat and the baby gym.

Jellybean adores Jujube and needs to know where he is as soon as he wakes up.

And me - I'm tired, sleep deprived, broke - and loving every second of it.

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Renegades said...

congratulations on the new baby.

Glad you are on the mend!


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