Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daddy Gotta Fix It

The moment that made up for my toddler being a brat most of the day.

I'm changing Jellybean in to dry clothes after the pool when he says he needs to go potty. So we walk over and he's standing there trying to do his thing.

He looks at me and says "My peepee won't come out. My penis is broken."

Through the tears, I say "Oh yeah, what do we do?"

He looks at me seriously, nodding and answers "Daddy gotta fix it!"

At that point I lose it to hysterical laughter and almost drop Jujube.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh..hey there

So I kind of left you guys hanging,

I told you about giving birth to this beautiful boy -

and then I fell off the bloggy world.

Well I had a rough go of it. I actually had my uterus rupture during my VBAC attempt. So my OB initially said - "No More Babies." I disagreed - more on that later.

If that wasn't enough - I was back in the hospital a week later. My gall bladder shut down on me and I had more surgery to get that out.

I stayed with my parents for two weeks recovering. It was brutal. Since then - life has just been busy. Play dates, splash pads, camping and such. I figured out I'm really good at this SAHM thing. I haven't missed work at all. So our plan is to have me go back just until we've paid off our debt and established some savings. Then I'll be mom - full time. To both my boys.

Next month I meet with the perinatologist to review my case. I think my odds are pretty good for future pregnancies. And we want more.

I love being a mom to two even if Jellybean drives me crazy with his toddler antics. He is a total parrot now and cracks us up with the things he'll say. Jujube amazes us. He's rolling over already! Nurses like a champ. Hates the car seat and the baby gym.

Jellybean adores Jujube and needs to know where he is as soon as he wakes up.

And me - I'm tired, sleep deprived, broke - and loving every second of it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meet Jujube

7lb 2.2oz, 19 inches 4:58 am

Tried a Vbac in the OR since I went from 5cm to 10 in less then an hour but ended up with a csection due to decels and uterine bleeding.

He's perfect! Already nursing like a champ!

Show Time!

We think its Show time! My Mom and Dad are at the house w/Jellybean. Pretty sure my water broke and contractions are about every six-seven minutes apart. If its not a false alarm then Jujube decided my half birthday was a good day to be born!

Monday, April 29, 2013

And now we wait...

Friday marked 37 weeks pregnant for me. As in 2 weeks longer then I went with Jellybean.

Jellybean came home at 37 weeks weighing 3 lbs 13oz.

Jujube passed his NST within 5 minutes on Friday. He’s measuring in the 65th percentile. As in if I make it to my scheduled csection day I could conceivably have an 8.5lb baby.

I am SO ready to not be pregnant anymore.

I tried to encourage him out over the weekend. Walking around the flea market, Home Depot and Babies R Us. Cleaning the house. Cooking. Planting a garden. Playing soccer in the front yard with Jellybean.

Jujube yawned through it and nestled in tighter…with an evil laugh.

Last night, Jellybean pretended to fall asleep. As soon as I snuck out and got comfortable on the couch he snuck out.


“Hi Mommy, I wake up!” (BIG SMILE)


Then he sat down on the couch, grabbed my bag of chips I was snacking on and watched River Monsters with Daddy.

If you can’t beat ‘em – join em!

The night did not get much better from there. If I managed to get comfortable enough to fall asleep – I had to pee. The crazy cats were hogging the bed. The dog had a dream which involved running, while laying against the wall so I was woken up to the sound of his paws scraping the wall. Then I had to pee – again.

I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore. I’m actually looking forward to a few days in the hospital.

The house, for the most part is ready. Bags are packed and I’m sure after a last minute nesting binge I’ll have taken care of all the minor last minute things left to do. My freezer cannot hold another meal. Jellybean just wants me to be able to run run run with him already.

I’ve ordered the pieces that went missing from my breast pump. Ordered a few pieces of nursing wear. And now I’m waiting. Taking Primrose Oil. Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Bouncing on the ball whenever Jellybean isn’t stealing it from me. Really hoping to go before 39+3. Because I’m emotional and bitchy. Tired. I can handle a newborn and a toddler. There’s naps involved there. This shit though? Its no fun at all.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uncharted Territory

Today I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant with Jujube.


At this point Jellybean had been in the world for 6 days and I believe had stepped down to the Level 2 NICU. We were trekking back and forth between the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.


At his birth at exactly 35 weeks Jellybean weighed 3lbs 2oz.


Jujube was estimated at 5lb 12oz during his ultrasound at 35 weeks.


This my friends is uncharted territory.


I can assure you this – I don’t do the end of pregnancy well.




At home – I’m downright bitchy.


I’m tired.


I have no patience.


I hurt. My GOD do I hurt.


Jujube has had his bony little butt in the same spot for about three weeks now. I am literally sore from the inside out.


The shooting hip pain had begun. As in it stops me in my tracks and I cry out.


I’ve given him permission to join us on April 27. I’ll be 37 weeks that day. I’m ready. (Physically that is.)


Logistically – I still have a ton to do. I have lists.


Hospital bag lists.

People to contact for help lists.

Freezer meal lists.

Cleaning lists.

Things left to do lists.

Bills lists.


I then ignore those lists every night and just try to get through until bedtime. Where I may or may not sleep.


My csection is officially scheduled for may 13. Where I will be 39+3. Which no one in my family has ever made it to. And I sincerely hope to go into labor before then. My plan is to really, truly get everything finished this weekend. Come hell or high water.


Then I wait. Start encouraging Jujube to come. With chiropractic, herbs and sex, lots of sex. I’ve warned Joey.


My body is getting ready. He’s dropping. I’m sleeping. I’m leaking.


I’m glad we’re almost done. I want to meet him. Love on him. Introduce Jellybean to being a big brother. Chug down a large frozen adult beverage – wait? What? Yeah..I said it.


So Jujube… just waiting to meet you. Love you. See you.


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Friday, April 5, 2013

About time I caught up with you guys!

I'm writing this on my phone. From a recliner at the OB office during my weekly NST.

I'm 34 weeks today with Jujube.

Jellybean was born at 35 weeks. So far Jujube looks to be avoiding Jellybean's problems. In fact he is already much bigger then Jellybean was when we brought him home. Much to the dismay of my hips and back! And oh, the heartburn! Its ruthless.

Jellybean talks about the baby a lot now. And tries out most of his stuff. We have maternity pictures on Sunday and a baby shower the following weekend. There's bags to pack, diapers to buy and a house to clean but we're essentially ready.

And excited...but nervous!

Life is going to change in a big way.


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