Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best of Intentions

I had the best of intentions to post about the new house today, the move and all that. Then I realized that a house blog without pictures would be boring and since I still haven't replaced my camera from the Bahia Honda incident and I have no clue where Joey's camera is that means no pictures. I also just didn't have the energy to put into writing all about our house.

Why - you ask? Well first my previous blog entry caused a blow up from the person that was not mentioned and we finally had it out on the phone - which was a long time coming but I think made some progress in the whole convoluted situation. Time will only tell on that and I will go into more detail at a later point in time. Then I made a dinner that wasn't what I had hoped for at all - quite honestly my spaghetti sauce sucked. It's usually amazing and I guess I was just way too upset to make a very good meal. The salad was great so I guess that made up for it. Joey and I watched a movie which has started one of our new rituals that I will also be including in a blog later. After all that it was after midnight and I needed to go to bed - so you'd figure I'd be carefree at that point right? Nope - at 3am the cat starts clawing at the door to get out. Then at 5 am he claws to be let back in. I'm pretty sure I threatened to declaw/physically harm/maim him.

So tonight I'm planning on taking a bath, a nap and maybe just having frozen pizza for dinner. Or pancakes and bacon. I'm going to bribe Joey into washing dishes with me and then later this week I will find the camera or buy a new one and actually come through on my promises.

Monday, September 28, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Not Me Monday was created by MckMama -- It's an opportunity to get a little therapy for all those things you would never do, but did :) Click here for all the rules.

1) I did not slam my foot, hip, and side into Devin’s scooter in the backyard this morning and am not now pondering whether to get x-rays or not due to the pain in the top of my foot.

2) It did not take me a week to figure out that the batteries in my bbt thermometer were going out. I did not only figure this out after getting the same exact temp every morning all week. I did not figure I was just being scarily consistent there.

3) My husband did not spend all day yesterday either in bed or on the couch.

4) I have not spent all of last week hinting at wanting the hubby to buy me flowers. I did not go so far as to point out the florist less than a mile from our home that we pass every day. You know just to make it easy on him.

5) My sister Karolina and I did not spend all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday worrying about our parents because they were flying to Poland.

6) Finally, I did not choose to stand in a fire ant hill while helping the hubby put the gate up on the fence and then did not demonstrate some very fancy dance moves to get the suckers off.

Monday, September 21, 2009

We're in

We're in the new house. I ran over the well cover this morning on my way to work and busted the waterline. I blame this on my comatose state. Luckily - Joey is a plumber. I'm no longer allowed to park in the yard. I'm ok with this. The cat's been sleeping in the kitchen cabinet. More updates later this week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wishes and Promises

I wish I was one of those people who could diligently blog every day. I wish I could be witty and charming and dazzle you with my sparkling personality.

Unfortunately, in order for that to happen we would have to hire someone else to maintain my blog and that just doesn’t fit into my budget at the moment. Why, you ask? Well I would love to blame it on a lack of time and my exceptionally busy life but one of the reasons is sheer laziness. I could write here or keep track of celebrity gossip and most often – Perez wins. The real reason though is I’m just too darn snarky and cynical to dazzle you with my charm. You are more likely to be shaking your head and asking – did she really just say that? More often than not – yes, I really did – OOPS. It’s okay though I kinda like being that way and some people find me lovable despite my faults.

I also wish I could chronicle my life with photos like all you flashy bloggers out there do. But that would require an actual working digital camera and ever since that unfortunate drowning incident in the Keys my camera has not been replaced yet. The hubby has one but he is as good at taking pictures as he is at packing. He lost the battery charger to his camera for 6 months…..in his nightstand. The only pictures he takes are of tattoos and I just don’t think that would fit in to well around here. So until I get a new camera (Hint.. hint… my birthday is coming up) the blog will stay a little naked. My apologies.

I can promise you – I will be better at this. I will do my best to continue to amuse you with stories of my pets, my husband, and family. I’ll cover fights and frustrations too and try to be as honest as possible. Bear with me as we move and then get ready to see some dedication and changes both virtual and in the real world!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

4 Days

What's that you ask? Where in the wide world of sports have I been?

Well remember that for some crazy insane reason my husband and I decided it would be a bright idea to go and buy a house. So for three weeks I filled out countless papers which asked for every detail of our life. You know Kindergarten teacher, every babysitting job I ever held, blood type, which vital organ are we willing to part with, are we open to slave labor, etc. Then there was the inspections - just two right - the standard and the appraisal. Well for most that would be sufficient but we all know I like to do things the hard way so we decided to tack on a septic and well inspection too - that we needed to arrange in 24 hours or less so not to push back our closing date. I decided to just drop off my checkbook at the Title company and ask them to return it to me when they were done or when we ran out of money. Well, which ever comes first.

So after all that I finally get to relax, right? Oh wait did I forget to mention that I recently ASKED for additional projects at work too? (Yes, I am certifiably insane - Thank You very much.) So my days were spent with working on all these various projects at work along with a special event and a few difficult situations or people... Needless to say I came home exhausted and couldn't bring myself to do a darn thing - let alone update this blog.

Then I started looking around my house. First there was the impossibly tall grass in our yard that my mother-in-law's Pomeranian kept getting swallowed by. Then there was our bedroom carpet that the dog had treated as a latrine one too many times.


Finally - I came home one day to see the FOR RENT sign my landlord had planted in our front yard.

OH CRAP - we have a houseful of STUFF that needs to get packed up. My stuff, Joey's, Devin's and two weeks to get it all done. Lovely. Now I love my husband to the ends of the earth but he does not pack things. He throws them in boxes haphazardly and just assumes we can buy new if something breaks. (No honey - that candle that my parents brought back from Poland can not just be replaced. I really do need to wrap it in 827 layers of bubble wrap and then place it in its own box surrounded by packing peanuts.)

So, I have been in PACKING hell for the past week. I realized I have way too much clothing that I can't part with but I rarely wear. I also realized that by throwing out my old winter jacket I can now get Joey to buy me the peacoat I've hinted at for two years now. I realized that we have 4 sets of wine glasses but we don't drink wine. I realized that in the end I will probably end up throwing many random loose objects in my car for the 5 mile drive over. The carpets are shampooed. The laundry is finished.


Finally, mercifully I ran out of boxes last night and I was finally able to relax this morning. After I attempted to mow the lawn, bent the blade, drove to Walmart for a new one, and told my darling husband he could fix it since the lawn is his job anyway.

We close in 4 days - Thursday at noon. Then the fun part of moving, cleaning and fixing up the old house, and unpacking.

Maybe you'll see me on here again.....around Christmas.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Cadillac decided to take over the blog today.

I has decided this whole packing business is tiring work. I mean Mom has blocked off some perfectly good sleeping spaces with all these stupid boxes. She also doesn't have time to pet me properly anymore. She's constantly filling up those stupid boxes (which are just the right height for rubbing against and making sweet kitty love too) with all their stupid stuff. Then she's throwing things out in that big black trash bag that the stupid dog keeps trying to eat out of. I can tell she's trying to make it up to me by giving me wet food and treats but I'm not falling for it. Not that I'm turning down those treats though.

This moving thing isn't all bad though. I mean Mom has created some new spots that are just perfectly sized for me to sleep in.


They also keep mentioning screening in a back porch so I can sometimes escape from this prison and chase some lizards and squirrels. Now you'll need to excuse me, there's a couch that needs scratching and a windowsill that needs me to take a nap in it til Mom gets home from work.


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