Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wishes and Promises

I wish I was one of those people who could diligently blog every day. I wish I could be witty and charming and dazzle you with my sparkling personality.

Unfortunately, in order for that to happen we would have to hire someone else to maintain my blog and that just doesn’t fit into my budget at the moment. Why, you ask? Well I would love to blame it on a lack of time and my exceptionally busy life but one of the reasons is sheer laziness. I could write here or keep track of celebrity gossip and most often – Perez wins. The real reason though is I’m just too darn snarky and cynical to dazzle you with my charm. You are more likely to be shaking your head and asking – did she really just say that? More often than not – yes, I really did – OOPS. It’s okay though I kinda like being that way and some people find me lovable despite my faults.

I also wish I could chronicle my life with photos like all you flashy bloggers out there do. But that would require an actual working digital camera and ever since that unfortunate drowning incident in the Keys my camera has not been replaced yet. The hubby has one but he is as good at taking pictures as he is at packing. He lost the battery charger to his camera for 6 months…..in his nightstand. The only pictures he takes are of tattoos and I just don’t think that would fit in to well around here. So until I get a new camera (Hint.. hint… my birthday is coming up) the blog will stay a little naked. My apologies.

I can promise you – I will be better at this. I will do my best to continue to amuse you with stories of my pets, my husband, and family. I’ll cover fights and frustrations too and try to be as honest as possible. Bear with me as we move and then get ready to see some dedication and changes both virtual and in the real world!

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