Thursday, September 3, 2009


Cadillac decided to take over the blog today.

I has decided this whole packing business is tiring work. I mean Mom has blocked off some perfectly good sleeping spaces with all these stupid boxes. She also doesn't have time to pet me properly anymore. She's constantly filling up those stupid boxes (which are just the right height for rubbing against and making sweet kitty love too) with all their stupid stuff. Then she's throwing things out in that big black trash bag that the stupid dog keeps trying to eat out of. I can tell she's trying to make it up to me by giving me wet food and treats but I'm not falling for it. Not that I'm turning down those treats though.

This moving thing isn't all bad though. I mean Mom has created some new spots that are just perfectly sized for me to sleep in.


They also keep mentioning screening in a back porch so I can sometimes escape from this prison and chase some lizards and squirrels. Now you'll need to excuse me, there's a couch that needs scratching and a windowsill that needs me to take a nap in it til Mom gets home from work.

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