Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best of Intentions

I had the best of intentions to post about the new house today, the move and all that. Then I realized that a house blog without pictures would be boring and since I still haven't replaced my camera from the Bahia Honda incident and I have no clue where Joey's camera is that means no pictures. I also just didn't have the energy to put into writing all about our house.

Why - you ask? Well first my previous blog entry caused a blow up from the person that was not mentioned and we finally had it out on the phone - which was a long time coming but I think made some progress in the whole convoluted situation. Time will only tell on that and I will go into more detail at a later point in time. Then I made a dinner that wasn't what I had hoped for at all - quite honestly my spaghetti sauce sucked. It's usually amazing and I guess I was just way too upset to make a very good meal. The salad was great so I guess that made up for it. Joey and I watched a movie which has started one of our new rituals that I will also be including in a blog later. After all that it was after midnight and I needed to go to bed - so you'd figure I'd be carefree at that point right? Nope - at 3am the cat starts clawing at the door to get out. Then at 5 am he claws to be let back in. I'm pretty sure I threatened to declaw/physically harm/maim him.

So tonight I'm planning on taking a bath, a nap and maybe just having frozen pizza for dinner. Or pancakes and bacon. I'm going to bribe Joey into washing dishes with me and then later this week I will find the camera or buy a new one and actually come through on my promises.

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