Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How long are you planning on doing that?

So the questions have started.

To me and to Joey.

I get them on Facebook.

"Are you still breastfeeding?"

Joey got them from his family on Thanksgiving.

"How long is she planning on doing that?"

And the answer is always the same - whether its coming from me or from Joey -

until he is done.

My son is ONLY 11 months old (tomorrow). It is NO WHERE near time to wean him. The question irks me because you never hear some one ask - "Are you still feeding him formula? When are you going to stop that?" Formula apparently is not taboo but feeding my child as nature intended is.

We have decided, AS A FAMILY, that weaning will come whenever Jellybean decides he is done. That may be at 12 months, 18 or he may be well past three years old. We don't know what the timing will be but we do know that it won't be traumatic for him.

Right now? I am his comfort, his safety, His break when he needs things to slow down. He knows my smell. My touch. Just the right position for burrowing into me. He knows I will laugh if he latches on from up above or blows raspberries on me.

He is the one calling the shots here. Not me. He will decide when he is done.

And everyone else will just have to deal with it!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Schedule, Schmedule

Yes, I disappeared again.

The Jellybean went a little schedule haywire this past week and then Thanksgiving just threw him off completely.

Speaking of which - I hope you all had a happy one! We hosted this year so my fridge and freezer are now slam full of leftovers. The Jellybean is in mashed potato and sweet potato heaven!

I spent the weekend getting the Jellybean back on a schedule and getting caught up on chores. Jellybean fell asleep at 6pm Thursday and Friday and then was up at all sorts of weird hours after that since he didn't want to nap all day either. Its been brutal.

I think we finally got it sorted out. Except he's teething again so he was waking up to nurse. And we both have colds again.

Oh and hubby has been getting nothing for hours at work. With the mortgage due. And the holidays and Jellybean's birthday around the corner.


Positive notes?

Jellybean has been saying Mama like crazy now.

He walks holding onto one finger. Often in circles. Like a drunken little man.

Oh and this -
God - how he loves that dog!

I'm hoping that things turn around. A financial windfall comes our way. Or maybe just a lucky scratch off ticket.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Twenty Minutes

I left them alone for twenty minutes yesterday morning.

I just wanted to get the dishes washed and dinner in the crock pot.

Honestly, how much trouble could they get into in twenty minutes?

I went to bed at 12:30...this morning.

He's not even 11 months old yet.

I don't know if I'll survive his teenage years!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Glamorous Life of Your Average Blogger

I think we all tend to think that the other bloggers out there lead more glamorous lives then we do. That they somehow manage to do it all and still have time to relax. So just in case you were starting to think that I lead one of those glamorous lives I am going to take you through the past 24 hours in my life.

Sunday night - 10 pm
Get Jellybean to sleep for the 5th time that night

Jellybean wakes up with a bloodcurling scream because he is teething.

Jellybean falls back asleep

Bloodcurling scream

Tylenol for the Jellybean
(and a shot of Tequila for me! Kidding!)
Walk around the house until Jellybean falls back asleep.
Leave him in bed with me at this point because I dare not wake him.

12:15ish am
Drift off to sleep finally.

Bloodcurling scream (from Jellybean - but I'm tempted to join him)
Rock, soothe and nurse him back to sleep

Fall back asleep

Crying (from Jellybean and me..a little bit)
Repeat 1:15 am routine

See 1:15am

See 3:45am

Ignore alarm clock

Ignore alarm clock and shove boob in Jellybean's mouth for breakfast.

Ignore alarm clock and switch boobs.

Drag myself out of bed and watch ironically as the Jellybean sleeps peacefully.

Put dinner in the crock pot, get dressed, pack Jellybean's bag for the day.

Tell hubby he's going to get fired if he does't get his ass out of bed.

Try to place Jellybean in the car sleeping.
He wakes up and fights getting strapped into the car seat like a rabid octopus.

Consider that shot of Tequila again but instead drive to work, talk to my dad and watch Jellybean sucking away on his fingers.

Arrive at day care - top the Jellybean off with boobie juice and carry him, his bag and a pack of diapers in. Stay a few extra minutes as Jellybean has a meltdown over me leaving.

Get to work 9 minutes late due to above meltdown.


Publix Sweet Tea.

Start reading updates, work on an entry form my company's facebook page, try to find a file from 2006 that someone requested..


Start hitting the snooze button on my reminder to pump while I keep searching for that file.

Admit defeat on the file and start pumping.

Make lunch plans with coworker to celebrate my birthday late

Go pick Jellybean up and meet coworker at Olive Garden.

Decide I should never have introduced Jellybean to drinking out of my straw since I'll never get my drink back now.

Wrap up lunch, try to hit a store to grab supplies for work. Line is 12 years long so I put all my crap back and wrangle Jellybean into his car seat again to drop him back off at day care.

Return Jellybean and run off before he realizes it.

Back at work.

Try finding the damn file again while sucking down a Peppermint Frappucino the best coworker ever got me!

Decide to skip my afternoon pumping session.

Quitting time.

I hate that damn car seat.

Attempt to talk to my mom on the way home but can't hear her over Jellybean's screaming.

Still screaming

Jellybean passes out as I exit off the interstate.

Jellybean wakes up as I try to get him out of the car seat. We let the dog off his leash and go feed the chickens and change their water.

Place Jellybean in his walker with some cookies while I add gnocchi to the crock pot, put biscuits in the oven, and shred the chicken from the crock pot in the food processor. Pull Jellybean's diner out of the crock pot to cool.

Hubby calls to say he is finally on his way home. Go in Jellybean's room with him to play. Lots of giggling.

Decide to do a shower with Jellybean before his dinner.

Shower done. Jellybean in a diaper and bib in his high chair.

Jellybean is eating a biscuit and drinking some juice.

Attempt to give Jellybean some chicken and dumplings aka gnocchi

Exhausted Jellybean meltdown
Wipe him down and pull him out

Jammies on and nursing him to sleep
Inhale sweet baby smell

He's out
Start rinsing dishes.

He's up - hungry from lack of dinner. More boob - repeat this every 30 minutes until 10pm when he's finally out for good.

Hubby finally gets home.

I sweep, then I mop the floors with bleach and water because they are disgusting.

Finally eat dinner. Let hubby know he can shower since I've drained the mop water from the tub.

Laugh hysterically when hubby goes out to his work truck in this get up.
 Then I go back to tackling Mt. Laundry
Start putting laundry away, bitch at hubby for wadding clothes up like a 13 year old boy and stuffing them in random places!


Ignore this

Stuff diapers

Jellybean wakes up...again

Resume stuffing diapers. Start telling hubby to go to bed since he's snoring on the couch.

Hubby finally goes to bed

I finally sit down, check email, Facebook, ebay and start blogging this.

Done with all that, a snack and time for bed

Somewhere in there I also got Jellybean's food ready for daycare tomorrow, pulled food out for dinner tomorrow and did some more laundry.

So are you jealous of my glamorous life yet? :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm not a Duggar

We had a wonderful Saturday with my family belatedly celebrating my birthday. Jellybean even let everyone hold him and play with him. Hubby watched him in the morning so I could finally get a haircut. ( My first since June!)
Then that night Jellybean started running a fever. Teething was in full force. My sister was being a sweetie and was rubbing Jellybean's back while he fussed. Finally they too had to leave so it was just me and the hubby. Snuggling with the Jellybean because he's extra snuggly when he doesn't feel good. So as Jellybean burrowed into Joey's chest I hear him say. "Daddy want's more babies. We should have like 10 more."

Remember how I said on Friday my ovaries were begging for another?

Well upon hearing that they started screaming.


I think I will be holding some fierce negotiations in the future. I mean the man works until 7 at night most nights so of course he can have 10 more. He only get a SNUGGLY, TIRED Jellybean. I deal with hungry, cranky teething Jellybean. Who gave me a whopping 4 hours of sleep last night with the teething.

I'm not a Duggar. We're stopping at 4. TOPS.

Let me close this with a question for the extended breastfeeding mom's. I've been without a cycle in the 10.5 months I've been breastfeeding the Jellybean. I thought my cycle was coming back last week since I did spot for two days but then nothing at all. Anyone have that happen ever? Is it my body just tuning up to get going again?

Because my fear is that it was implantation spotting and I'm not ready for #2 yet. I mean you did just read about 4 hours of sleep up there Right?

Tell me that's not it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life Lessons - Carry me no more

1) I switched the Jellybean to a big boy car seat last weekend. Still rear facing of course but no longer an infant carrier.
2) I may have cried a little over it. (Or a lot.)
3) I also lost the luxury of just being able to just tote the carrier around if he falls asleep in the car.
4) That's why my neighbors may have seen me sitting on the front porch peeling potatoes for dinner on Wednesday while watching him sleep in the car.
5) Ahh...a mother's love!
6) I also recently converted my parents to two new great loves of mine. Sunbutter and Kale Chips.
7) Now I sound like a hippie.
8) I'm not. I shower all the time. And pot makes me puke. I'd be a horrible stoner.
9) It's finally cold enough to bundle Jellybean up.

10) I loved it. Cuteness overload!
11) "The Bump" informed me yesterday that there was 50 days to Jellybean's birthday.
12) I say a big FU to that. There is no way my baby is turning 1.
13) Now my ovaries are starting to beg for another.
14) Or maybe that's just Aunt Flo returning after 18 months without the witch.
15) I'm sticking with we need another baby in a year or so though! :)
16) Finally - shameless plug - Don't forget I'm doing a Shutterfly Giveaway! Free Christmas Cards!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Shutterfly

I think its pretty obvious to everyone that I really, really love Shutterfly.

I used them last year to do our Christmas Cards. In fact Jellybean even made an appearance on the cards himself!

Then I used them again to do Jellybean's birth announcement...six months late!

I'm constantly ordering prints from them as I take endless pictures of Jellybean.

So I was understandably super excited when I was invited to once again participate in their 2011 Holiday Promotion. Shutterfly always offers high quality products at super affordable prices.

I love the Christmas card designs they have available this year. I'm having a hard time choosing which one we will use but I think I have narrowed it down to this one 
or this one.

Shutterfly is so much more than just cards though. We are having our favorite photographer do a massive shoot with not only us and the Jellybean but also my sister and her family along with my parents. My plan is to then take those photos and order some beautiful photo books with those pictures. I just know they are going to tear up over that one. I'm also tempted to get the hubby a holiday gift like this -

 I mean what's better than a larger than life image of Jellybean in our bedroom?

So what does all my gushing about Shutterfly mean to you? While they were nice enough to give me a few codes to share with my readers. The codes are good for 25 free holiday cards of your own. Want a chance to win them for yourself? Link up with Things I Love Thursday and you my friend will also have a chance to claim your own. The link will stay open for those that may need the weekend (or longer!) to post.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PYHO - The Unexpected Text

Last Day to enter my VeggieTales Giveaway!! If you have kids or know anyone who does you should totally enter! :)

I got a text a few weeks ago that threw me for a loop. I needed a few hours before I could even respond to it.

Because it left me speechless at first.

Then I thought of all sorts of things I wanted to say but probably shouldn't.

A girl I know sent me a text to say she was pregnant.


Her child will turn a year old this month.

They just got married in September.

Neither person works.

And they are still living with her parents.

Oh to top it off - she is high risk and will spend the majority of her pregnancy on bed rest.

Better yet - this child was planned.

You read that correctly - they planned a second child which they are unable to support on their own.

Now do you see why it took me awhile to be able to squeak out a simple Congrats?

I wanted to say I'm happy for you but - I'm not.

My thought instead is I'm concerned for you and your children.

While you would love to think that all your children need is love, there is more that parents should be able to provide themselves. They need a strong foundation too and part of that foundation is responsible parents who are stable. Who can make the right choices and look ahead.

Its easy to say you have a good relationship and happy marriage when you are living off someone else, the government is providing your medical care and you have live in babysitters who will watch your child whenever you want it.

A true testament to a strong marriage and responsible parents though is being able to get through each day when its just the two of you doing it all.

A strong marriage and good parents is working together to bring the 103 fever down from double ear infections at 4:30am even though you both have to work the next day and then still making dinner and taking care of chores at the end of that day. Its settling for watching Go Diego Go together on the couch at the end of the night because you don't have a babysitter and realizing that its okay.

Its getting up and playing at 5:30 in the morning before you both go to work because someone is up and he clearly wants to play.

It's been a month for us since we have had two paychecks come in. When Joey changed jobs it threw off the whole pay structure we were used to and tomorrow will be his first check in a month. We've been doing some pretty heavy financial gymnastics to get around that. We got through it though. Alone. In fact no one even knew we were tight with money until they asked what we were doing for my birthday and we responded with nothing since we haven't gotten paid yet.

So while I hope that that the baby is happy and healthy at the same time I hope the parents mature and grow to realize that there is a huge difference between playing house and actually bearing all those burdens yourself.

There is a reason we are holding off on #2.

There is a reason why we fall asleep at 8pm some nights with dirty dishes in the sink, dinner out on the counter and hampers overflowing.

There is a reason I wasn't able to say I'm happy for you.

This post is linked up with Shell as part of Pour Your Heart Out Wednesdays.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Check your cart!

I had to run into Save-A-Lot during my lunch break yesterday. I was making a hash brown casserole and the recipe called for a can of cream of mushroom soup. Joey had used the one emergency can I keep in the pantry when making gravy for our dinner Friday night.

I quickly remembered why I don't shop at Save-A-Lot usually.

First off let me say this - I think public assistance is a wonderful thing if used correctly. My parents used it when we first moved to America and I wish we qualified for WIC so I could have some extra cash for buying the healthy foods that seem to cost twice as much as the junk out there. WIC covers everything from whole wheat bread, eggs, milk and cheese to fresh fruit, beans and peanut butter. What a blessing that would be! Food stamps on the other hand have much fewer restrictions and allow the users to purchase much more junk.

“Junk Food” & Luxury Items
The Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (the Act) defines eligible food as any food or food product for home consumption and also includes seeds and plants which produce food for consumption by SNAP households. The Act precludes the following items from being purchased with SNAP benefits:  alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hot food and any food sold for on-premises consumption. Nonfood items such as pet foods, soaps, paper products, medicines and vitamins, household supplies, grooming items, and cosmetics, also are ineligible for purchase with SNAP benefits.
Soft drinks, candy, cookies, snack crackers, and ice cream are food items and are therefore eligible items
Seafood, steak, and bakery cakes are also food items and are therefore eligible items
Since the current definition of food is a specific part of the Act, any change to this definition would require action by a member of Congress. Several times in the history of SNAP, Congress had considered placing limits on the types of food that could be purchased with program benefits. However, they concluded that designating foods as luxury or non-nutritious would be administratively costly and burdensome. Further detailed information about the challenges of restricting the use of SNAP benefits can be found here:

Report --
Implications of Restricting the use of
              Food Stamp Benefits  

Now I'm not one to say that you shouldn't purchase junk at all. We do it too. Our pantry always has chips and things to snack on. Our freezer is seldom missing ice cream and we keep convenience foods on hand like canned soup and microwaveable meals for the times when we don't get to pack a lunch or are just craving something a little bad.

The majority of our purchases though? It's all fresh. My produce drawer is usually overflowing. In fact the hubby just put up a hanging basket so we could have room for the fruit that’s always taking over the dining room table. I also have a ton of frozen veggies ready to pop in the microwave in those steamer bags. Jellybean loves to snack on the steamed mixed veggies. He's also a big fan of frozen cut up grapes. My plan for this week is to make some baked kale chips for all of us to munch on. Its not very often that we resort to Stouffer's Lasagna or ready made baby food.

That's despite the fact that we both work full time and most evenings I am on my own with Jellybean since Joey gets off work late.

That is why I was super disappointed to see the lady in front of me buying white bread, mini ravioli-o's, macaroni and cheese and Koolaid. In her defense - yes she did have a bag of apples and a bunch of bananas in there too. But the majority of her cart - it was just junk, junk, junk. And she paid for it with her SNAP card. Sigh. I couldn't say anything even though I know its possible to shop healthy even in a Save-A-Lot.

So I implore to all of you instead - Check Your Cart!

It's not that hard to make healthy food even on a budget. Homemade mac and cheese doesn't take much longer than the boxed kind. Frozen or refrigerated ravioli is super quick and you can throw some heart smart or veggie packed spaghetti sauce on top. I keep cubes of shredded spinach in the freezer to throw in. I also blend some cauliflower into my mac and cheese when I can. The only time we have koolaid is if it came in the taco kit box. Otherwise - it does not pass through my doors!

If you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to make - google is your friend. I'm also a huge fan of Weelicious. I made the Chicken nuggets on the page a few weeks ago and they were a huge hit in our house with kids and adults alike. But please oh please - don't just resort to opening a can every night because its easier!

Monday, November 7, 2011


It's my 29th birthday today.

The last year before I hit 30.

I am amazingly very okay with it.

I've done everything I wanted to up to this point.

I'm married to a guy I love madly 75% of the time and who drives me insane the other 25%!

I own a house. Granted its in a perpetual state of remodeling and we can't keep it clean for more than 3 days - but its ours.

We own two cars. I really, really want a new one next year but for now - we have transportation that we bought ourselves.

I have the most amazing little boy in the world. He's a spitfire, full of energy and too smart fore his own good. I love every second of it!

I have neurotic pets that are happy to see me at the end of the day.

And the most wonderful parents, sister, nieces and nephews a girl could ever ask for.

I think 29 is going to be a pretty darn good year!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Graco Smart Seat

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I am officially in awe of any mom who works full time and still has time to blog regularly. I don't have time to shower and blow dry my hair regularly - let alone blog. I almost cried tears of joy when I woke up the other morning and realized that Joey had washed all the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen the night before. Of course I'm also hormonal since after 18 months without her AF is making her return so that could be it too. {That means that we can start planning on trying for #2 next year! :) }

On to Things I Love Thursday. This item I don't have yet but it will be one of Jellybean's presents for Christmas. I personally feel that child passenger safety is a huge deal. Jellybean is currently still in his infant seat, rear facing because he is just a tiny little thing. The AAP now recommends we rear face until at least the age of 2. Our plan is to go long past that. It's just safer. That being said his infant seat will be uncomfortable after awhile and he will want to sit up more soon. Rather than investing in a convertible car seat, then a forward facing and then a booster seat - we are going to shell out the big bucks once on one of these.

  • Rear-facing in a harness from 5-40 lbs, forward facing in a harness from 20-65 lbs. then as a belt-positioning booster from 30-100 lbs.
  • SafeSeat Engineering - Engineered & Crash Tested to Meet or Exceed US Standard FMVS213:
  • Side Impact Tested* (*In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable US safety standards, the SmartSeat™ car seat has been side impact tested for occupant retention with the built-in 5 point harness system and with a standard vehicle harness system when in high back booster mode. Please consult your vehicle's owner's manual for more specific information on the performance of your vehicle's safety belt system.)
  • New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) – peak crash force approximately 2X Car Seat Standard
  • Extreme Car Interior Temperatures
  • Convenient, stay-in-car base with belt lock off for one time install (LATCH equipped)
  • Steel-reinforced frame & car seat base provides strength and durability
  • Locking indicators on seat & stay in car base to help ensure proper installation
  • Integrated harness storage compartment holds the harness straps that are not in use while in the belt positioning booster mode
  • Easy-to-read level indicator on the seat, helps eliminate installation guesswork
  • No Re-thread harness for quick & easy harness adjustment
  • One-hand, 6 position adjustable head rest for your growing child
  • On-the go, 5-position recline so you can recline child while in use
  • EPS, energy absorbing foam liner
  • Flip-up armrests makes it easy for child to get in & out of car seat
  • Child's cup holder keeps child's drink close by

Is it a lot of money? Yes, without a doubt.

I don't think any amount of money is too great though when it comes to my child's safety. I love this seat because of all the options you get with it though. The car seat can recline into 5 different positions so if he falls asleep I can recline him back and let him snooze. Rear facing up to 40 lbs! Harness can be adjusted with the click of a button. And no needs to keep replacing seats as he grows. This is one investment I think is well worth the money.

What are some of your big ticket items this winter?

Link up with me today!


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