Monday, November 28, 2011

Schedule, Schmedule

Yes, I disappeared again.

The Jellybean went a little schedule haywire this past week and then Thanksgiving just threw him off completely.

Speaking of which - I hope you all had a happy one! We hosted this year so my fridge and freezer are now slam full of leftovers. The Jellybean is in mashed potato and sweet potato heaven!

I spent the weekend getting the Jellybean back on a schedule and getting caught up on chores. Jellybean fell asleep at 6pm Thursday and Friday and then was up at all sorts of weird hours after that since he didn't want to nap all day either. Its been brutal.

I think we finally got it sorted out. Except he's teething again so he was waking up to nurse. And we both have colds again.

Oh and hubby has been getting nothing for hours at work. With the mortgage due. And the holidays and Jellybean's birthday around the corner.


Positive notes?

Jellybean has been saying Mama like crazy now.

He walks holding onto one finger. Often in circles. Like a drunken little man.

Oh and this -
God - how he loves that dog!

I'm hoping that things turn around. A financial windfall comes our way. Or maybe just a lucky scratch off ticket.


My Mercurial Nature said...

Oh dear, can I relate in the financial department! And I'm right there with your little Jellybean...my schedule is all out of whack! LOL

Fawn said...

Oh, Diana, I hope things turn around for you too! I understand the schedule, schmedule thing for sure! Wishing you well this week!

Niki said...

I hope things look up for your husbands hours. Thinking of you.

Shell said...

That pic is so cute!

I disappeared, too- lots of family time!

Sara said...

Hope things start looking up for you! I can't believe how fast Jellybean is growing!Walking and saying mama, I can't wait for A to get to that stage!

Kakunaa said...

Mmm, I hear ya honey...hang in there. I swear things have GOT to get better, right?


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