Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

I had blog posts to put up this week. Already written got Tuesday and Wednesday. They just needed some formatting and links thrown in.

<p>I was ahead of the curve.

<p>What happened?


<p>I hit 6 weeks pregnant on Monday.

<p>It's been down hill since then.

<p>Monday night I had the worst insomnia. It must have been 3 am when I finally fell asleep. To wake up at 5:45.

<p>Last night? I was so nauseous I didn't even cook.

<p>I let Jellybean eat yogurt, trail mix, cheese, bacon, ham, red peppers and fruit, on the couch, while watching Elmo on You tube.

<p>I went to bed with him and shut the dog in another room.

<p>Mea Culpa, guys!

<p>To try again next week, I guess!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Conversations with Jellybean - Can I get a little help around here?

It’s a crying shame that I am the only one around here that ever does any chores!

I have to sweep the entire house.

Feed the chickens.

Write the grocery list.

Do Laundry.

Put away dishes.

And potty train myself.

Meanwhile Dad’s just passed out on the couch!

It’s exhausting!

Friday, September 21, 2012

You Take What You Can Get

Sometimes, you take what you can get.

My major accomplishment for this week?

I managed to get most of the dishes washed.

And on Wednesday night. I went to bed at 8:30pm.

It was glorious. Glorious I tell you! I heard angels singing. (No, wait. That was a thunderstorm. But Jellybean went down without a fight and I decided. Screw the chores. I’m going to sleep! So I did. With Jellybean snuggled up to me all night.)

My meal plan for the past week?

I’ll give it a 50% success rate.

Preggo and meal planning? A tough chore. Sometimes I don’t have an appetite. Other times what I made just didn’t sound good anymore. The complete lack of energy doesn’t help either. Also, I miss lunch meat. Greatly. Especially since JB loves it and will eat it in front of me constantly.

So the recap –

Friday – Successful all three meals
Saturday – Breakfast was a fail. Joey ran out and got McDonalds as soon as we got up. Who am I to complain?
Sunday – Lunch was a fail. Jellybeans nap was all screwed up and I went grocery shopping at a wonky time so he had a lunchable and I picked up food while we were out.
Monday – Pregnancy brain hit me hardcore. I forgot Jellybean’s Quesadilla in the freezer. I couldn’t stomach Tuna so I had soup instead. Dinner at least was yummy and Jellybean actually ate a Fair bit of it.
Tuesday – I made all the meals I had listed. I didn’t want to dinner at dinner time though. Jellybean ate a little of it. Then he had a massive attack of whiny butt and refused to go to sleep. So we shared a Kashi Pizza at 9pm and he was happy again. Passed out afterwards too!
Wednesday – I had pancake Bites I made on Sunday. Jellybean ate some yogurt and then had day care at breakfast over his egg. No hard feelings. We both ate leftovers for lunch and they were quite tasty.
Dinner was a massive fail. I had no desire for either meal I planned or energy. We had Grilled Cheese, Baked Potato and Peas and Carrots instead. Jellybean had some ham slices too.
Thursday – Jellybean had the pancake bites and I had cereal. Jellybean insisted on a turkey lunchable so I sent that along with half a baked potato and some peas and carrots. I brought soup for lunch but ended up not wanting it. (Thanks Jujube, so I picked something up while running errands at lunch) Dinner was a fail too as we bought dinner out since we decided to have an evening park play date with our mommy group.

So you win some, you lose some – Onto the next week!

Friday –

Breakfast – JB – Oatmeal
                        Me – Whatever I can stomach
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Tomato Bacon Pie

Saturday –

Breakfast – Crepes with yogurt and fresh fruit
Lunch – National Gymnastics Day Event – Lunch there
Dinner – Ziti, Broccoli

Sunday –
Breakfast – Eggs, Biscuits and gravy, Fruit
Lunch – Pigs in a Blanket, Mac N Cheese, Fruit, Carrots
Dinner – Chicken and Noodles (Freezer Meal)

Monday -
Breakfast – JB – Waffles, yogurt
                       Me - Cereal
Lunch – PB&J, Fruit, Chips
Dinner – Chicken StirFry with Quinoa – That way even if JB doesn’t eat the chicken he gets protein from the Quinoa!

Tuesday -
Breakfast – Hashbrowns, Sausage, Eggs
Lunch – JB – Meat and Cheese Rollups, Carrots, Fruit, Crackers
                Me – Soup and Salad
Dinner – Potato Soup, BLT’s, Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday –
Breakfast – Hardboiled Eggs, Bagel (Me), Toast (JB)
Lunch – Leftovers from Sunday lunch
Dinner – Tortellini, Roasted Carrots, Garlic Bread

Breakfast – Bacon Biscuits
Lunch – Dinner leftovers
Dinner – Kielbasa, Onions, Potato Pancakes, Fresh Cut Veggies

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Indulge Me

Indulge me while I complain a bit.

Honestly, this pregnancy hasn't had nearly as many symptoms so far as Jellybean's did.

A few bouts of nausea.

Some itching at my c-section scar.

A little nipple tenderness when breastfeeding.

What is doing me in though?

The fatigue.

You have not experienced exhaustion until you've been pregnant while working full time and taking care of a toddler alone all week.

My house is a disaster, especially since we haven't replaced the washer yet. Dishes are overflowing and you can follow Jellybean's path of destruction through each room.

I don't have the energy to fight it.

I feel like a bad mom because my patience isn't always there. When he fights me at bedtime I feel like crying myself because I really want to go to sleep too.

I'm so excited to be pregnant with Jujube but some days I'd kill for a nap and a long bath. To come out of the room and see that someone else has cleaned. For just a few minutes to myself.

8 weeks until energy should return.

I've got this!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PYHO - Whiny Butt

Everyone knows that I love Jellybean more than life itself. He's an amazing kid. Cute, cuddly, smart as a whip, makes me laugh and gives the best kisses. I know how lucky I am to have him.

Time for some honesty though. Lately, he's been a pain. He's going through a whiny butt stage and everything is a huge ordeal.

He takes his socks off. And whines because he wants them on.

Points to a banana. I give it to him and he whines because he doesn't want it.

I put Elmo on after 237 requests for it and he whines.

I know its a stage. I know he is frustrated that he can't communicate what he wants effectively. He's tired after day care too.

Alone with him all week, pregnant and tired myself. I wish I could have some wine too. I haven't had an appetite, the house is a mess and I'm too tired to care.

Luckily whiny butt gave me extra sweet kisses this morning so maybe, just maybe his cute curls and the way he says momma makes the whininess bearable after all.

I hear that this is just a preview of the next three years or so though. If that's the case then this mommy is going to need to invest in some ear plugs and wine. :-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PINT - The test I failed, Kind of!

Only Parent Chronicles

As stated yesterday, Shhh!!! on Facebook if you're friends with me. No announcement there until the second trimester!


















Monday, September 17, 2012

Conversations with Jellybean - Big News Y'all

Hey Jellybean, We hear you've got big EXCITING news to share!

Hmm...Let me think....

Oh yeah! So on Friday night the coolest thing happened. The washing machine turned the kitchen into a swimming pool right in the middle of dinner time. It was AWESOME!

Then Mommy said all these bad words.

That was pretty cool too.

No Jellybean, not that. And I did not say bad words. (Although if the bottom rusted out of your washer and spewed bleach water all over your floor the night after you stayed up til midnight cleaning your house you may be tempted to say some choice words too!)

Yea, Mom. You did.

The other BIG news Jellybean.

Oh, oh yeah. So on Saturday Mom took me to this awesome Children's Expo and she bought me an Elmo doll and then she put me in a new shirt and it had Elmo on it too! Babcia and Dziadzuis really liked my shirt, they got super excited when they saw it.

Jellybean, your shirt, what did it say?

Umm, Mom, I can't read yet.

How about we just show everyone instead?


(Shhh on Facebook or if you know me IRL - we are waiting to tell my work until the second trimester just like we did with Jellybean!)

Jujube is due either 5/17 or 5/20 depending on which date my OB decides to go by.

I'll give you the full amusing story behind our finding out tomorrow!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Plans Make My World Go Round (and Round)

I’m a planner.

I like to write things down.

Check them off.

I need to know what I’m doing.

Granted things don’t always go according to plan but I feel better knowing there is a plan in place.

One of the places my plan doesn’t work is with keeping our home clean.

Joey is out of town – ALL THE TIME. If not, He’s working late. We have a dog and two cats in the house.

And this kid.

He can make a mess. Much quicker then I am capable of cleaning it up.

My house is also full of STUFF. Stuff we are supposed to sort through and purge. This hasn’t happened because of the reasons listed above. Especially that kid. J

I also do not have a dishwasher.

You can shed a tear over that one. There are days that I do.

So, there are days where my house does indeed resemble an episode of Hoarders. Often, here lately. I’ve just been so dang tired I can’t keep up.

The one place I do a good job though – meal planning.

We recently got a BJ’s membership and I went a little crazy. As in I went three weeks ago and my freezer is still full.


I also always freeze leftovers so I can use them again later. I may have to change it up a little to get Joey to eat them but meal planning helps me keep my sanity.

I use to subscribe to emeals but I found that as Jellybean started eating more meals with us they just weren’t very toddler friendly. Plus they seemed to recycle the same meals quite often.

Now I do it mainly on my own. I know our favorites. I check with $5 Dollar Dinners to see what their plan has and I use Pinterest.

It literally makes me happy to know that my meals are at least thought out. I try to do prep work on the weekends when Joey is home. Slicing veggies. Precooking ground beef. Things like that.

Then during the week I try to either get the next nights dinner ready the night before or I let it cook in the crock pot overnight and reheat when I get home. I found I was gone to long during the day to keep my meals from burning in the crock pot even on low.

If I deviate from my plan the goal is to do it without buying anything so I can cook something else but I need to use things we already have. That usually translates to grilled cheese, sandwiches, or hot dogs.

Jellybean likes it when Mom is feeling lazy!

So knowing what a lifesaver meal planning has been for me I figured I’d share my plan with you for the next week! I’ll let you know how well I did sticking to it next Friday!

Jellybean also usually gets yogurt, fruit and healthy snacks sent to day care too.

Breakfast – Jellybean - Daycare serves
                  Me - McDonald's :) (I deserve a treat too!)
Lunch – Leftover Tortellini - Jellybean
             Soup and Sandwich - Me
Dinner – Cheesesteak, Mashed Cauliflower

Breakfast – Waffles with Cream Cheese and Strawberries
Lunch/Dinner – At my Mom’s

Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits
Lunch – Hot Dogs, Chips, Pickles, Fruit
Dinner – Homemade Fish Sticks, Fries, Homemade Cole Slaw

Breakfast – Sunday Breakfast Leftovers
Lunch – Diana – Tuna Sandwich, Chips, Salad
                Jellybean – Cheese Quesadilla, Peas
Dinner – Chicken Cutlets w/marinara sauce, Pasta with Pesto, Salad

Lunch – Leftovers!
Dinner – Beef Stroganoff

Breakfast – Hardboiled Eggs, Cheese Toast, Fruit
Lunch – Pizza, Carrot sticks
Dinner – Tomato Bacon Pie or Spinach and Cream Cheese Quiche ( I just add a block of cream cheese to this)

Breakfast – Oatmeal with fresh fruit
Lunch – Leftovers
Dinner – Ziti and Broccoli

Then I freeze any leftovers and we have a base for the next two weeks or so!

Your Boobs Were Made for This!

It’s a subject I’m passionate about.

I’m not a breastfeeding Nazi but I certainly do not believe in using formula or supplementing unless medically necessary.

By medically necessary I mean it’s a life or death situation.  

Not –

Breastfeeding is hard.

We had latch issues.

He/she is lazy.

Pumping is time consuming.

I’m tired.


With Jellybean being born 5 weeks early  weighing 3 lbs 2 oz and getting transferred to the NICU in another hospital – I didn’t get my dream of putting him to breast immediately after birth.

Instead he was whisked off by respiratory for an evaluation and then was in the nursery while I was in recovery. Then I waited for the transport team to come wheel him in before he got moved.

In that time I had already requested a breast pump. I began pumping before I had even seen him. The transport team took some precious liquid gold with them there. I continued pumping every two hours. Even though I had just been sliced open and every movement hurt. When my nipples started to hurt and crack from the pump they brought me some Lansinoh and I kept going. My husband shuttled back and forth between the two hospitals for two days so that my milk could be put in his feeding tube.

Once at the Ronald McDonald house I kept pumping every two hours, around the clock. I was exhausted but determined. We worked with an LC in the hospital but he tired quickly as most preemies do. So I kept pumping and we kept giving bottles. I agreed to allow limited supplementation of formula for calories only. It was mixed with my breastmilk, a half ounce every other feeding.

Once we were released I continued pumping, every three hours, around the clock. In addition to attempting to nurse him and taking care of him.

There were days my lunch sat uneaten at 5pm when Joey walked through the door.

I was still in my jammies.

And a stockpile of milk in our freezer.

It took five weeks for the Jellybean to finally start latching on. Yet I continued pumping preparing for my return to work. Every three hours. He would play, eat, sleep. I would pump in between. By six weeks we stopped the formula supplementation as it was aggravating his reflux.

Shortly after starting day care – Jellybean began refusing bottles and started reverse cycling. While I worked full time. And had to keep pumping to maintain my supply.

If it sounds like I’m complaining about any of this – I’m not.

We’re still breastfeeding at 20 months.  It wasn’t easy any where along the way.

Issues come up constantly  –

Refusing bottles.
Clogged ducts.
Overactive let down.
Growth spurts.
Changes in latch.

Not sleeping through the night until 16 months old.

Not once, in all that did I think – Man I wish I had some formula.

In fact, I gave away the formula that the hospital sent home with us. Then any free samples they shipped my way.

Coupons that printed at the register – I told them to keep them for someone who needed them. No need to bring the temptation around.

You can be successful at breastfeeding but it takes support. Most hospitals and birthing centers have groups that meet. La Leche is a good source. Most pediatricians have LC’s on staff – but make sure your office truly is supportive of breastfeeding and not just giving you lip service.

It’s not an easy process but it is possible. Don’t give yourself the option of failing and don’t second guess yourself. There are conditions which may seem overwhelming but formula is not going to fix them. Poor weight gain, jaundice, reflux – none of those are immediate grounds for formula use.

You can make your breastmilk have more fat by pumping and skimming the fat that gathers at the top of the bottle and adding it to another bottle. Only feeding off one breast at a time helps with both weight gain and reflux. Diet changes and eliminations can help with reflux. Jaundice is normal in kids. Most have it to some degree. Monitoring diapers, weighed feeding and lots of sunlight can alleviate it.

Is there a place for formula – yes. There are women that truly cannot produce enough breastmilk. They don’t have access to donor milk and need formula. Other cases too I’m sure.

But the fact that it can be hard? Hate to break it to ya but very few parts of parenting are easy. I second guess myself constantly.  There are people who don’t agree with my choices. I don’t agree with other’s choices as well.

Breastfeeding – despite our struggles – was a no-brainer for me!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PYHO - Sometimes It's Overwhelming

Thank you all for bearing with me while I updated my look and found time to blog again. I do appreciate it!

Also, make sure you come back on Monday for a HUGE announcement. For those of you that have been following a long while - it's a jaw dropper!

This week marks 8th week in a row that Joey has been working out of town.

8 weeks, ya’ll.

I see him on the weekends. Sometimes. If he isn’t also doing a side job.

I admire that he is diligently working to pay off all the debt that accumulated over the past year due to his addiction, probation, unemployment, etc. I really do and it’s a relief.

Sometimes though?

Its exhausting.

I work a 9 hour day. With a house, a toddler, 2 cats, a dog, 1 bearded dragon and 4 chickens to take care of.

None of them other then myself are capable of cooking or cleaning. Not all of them are potty trained.

Every day I feed Jellybean and the next day he just wants to be fed again. Demandingly. Messily.

He also does not feel that clean clothing, nonsticky floors or clean dishes should take priority over playing with trains or watching Elmo. So, I put the chores off and then they pile up. Overwhelming me.

When Joey is home I get irritable because it still feels as if I am doing all the work. I have a hard time appreciating what he does since it’s a few hours out of the week for him. While for me it’s a full time job.

It doesn’t help that I have been battling insomnia lately. So my exhaustion really kicks in.

Last week I gave in to the exhaustion. I let us eat easy meals for dinner. There was a night or two where Jellybean didn’t get a bath. His lunches and mine weren’t as good as they usually are. Instead, I went to bed with him and slept. I needed it. I’m going to keep needing it as long as this is a solo show.

I’m not upset with Joey really. He is doing great and has a huge burden of responsibility on his shoulders as he supervises some major projects. I’m proud of him and know that ultimately he may end up being the breadwinner in our family allowing me to spend more time being mom.

I just want someone to swing by once in awhile and tell me to go grab a coffee while they watch Jellybean and do a load of dishes. Someone to say – you’re doing a great job balancing it all. Jellybean is a lucky kid and you’re a great wife. Someone to recognize me.

Single mom’s – I don’t know how you do it alone every day! When Joey comes home on a Friday, I’m ready to kiss his feet knowing that I get a small reprieve for the next two days. I couldn’t imagine never getting that break. My hat goes off to you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Discovering Me - Again

One of the things I discovered about motherhood and working full time is that it can be very isolating.

Especially if you're like how I was with Jellybean for say the first 16 months or so and you are convinced that you need to spend every free moment with your child and everyone else is ill equipped to care for him.

I placed a lot of pressure on myself due to working mom guilt. And first time mom worry.

So by the time Jellybean was a year old I felt like I didn't have any friends and I was tired and frustrated of it.

I made a resolve to put myself out there to make friends. Other moms who understood and had similar philosophies.

(Notice I said similar - not identical. You're never going to find someone who believes everything you do or vice versa. The key is to agree or choose to mutually disagree on the big issues and move on.)

So initially I started with a breastfeeding support group. Since half the world seemed to think I was a freak for still nursing Jellybean after a year. (Or at 20 months now!) These ladies didn't. They knew it was normal. Then slowly as not to clutter the breastfeeding support group up with non breastfeeding related issues I started a moms group. We planned play dates, busy bag swaps, mall meetups.

Finally, I felt ready for a big step and I got Joey on board with it.

I was doing a Mom's Night Out. Joey agreed to watch Jellybean while I went out.

I put the post up and had instant responses in less than three minutes.

Apparently everyone felt the need to be more than just mom for a night.

Last Friday five of us gathered at a restaurant.

We ate dinner. In one sitting. Without having to tell someone NO! or retrieve thrown utensils and sippy cups.

I enjoyed a glass of Sangria with mine.

It was heaven.

We had uninterrupted conversation about life, marriage, kids, breastfeeding, careers, labor etc.

The ladies thanked me for being so willing to organize the night and all commented on how much they needed it.

Then we went to another venue and sat in the courtyard and listened to a band play. We went on a search for coffee and ended up upstairs in a bar which had an empty dance floor that we took over.

I thought I'd be home by 11. We rolled in around 1 am.

Jellybean and Joey sleeping peacefully in bed.

Jellybean didn't even notice I'd been gone.

Meanwhile the moms and I? We were refreshed. Relaxed. We all felt much closer after that night. Already planning our next time out. I figured out along the way that to make friends I had to be a friend. To not be afraid to put myself out there and see if anyone else had the same needs as I did. By asking I quickly found out that yes, they did.

This week one of the moms is coming over for dinner with her kids because her husband is working out of town this week too. On Saturday a bunch of us are going to be attending a baby and children's expo while taking shifts volunteering in the breastfeeding room and offering support to other moms.

Not everyone has been so welcoming or warm and fuzzy of course. There are those that complain but make no effort to come out with u and break the isolation. I know I was that person for a while myself but once I stopped flaking out on these things myself and started participating I realized it was filling a huge void I had created. I'm much happier because of it.

We don't all agree on everything. I'm the least crunchy of the group as I vaccinate, work full time outside the home, have hospital births and don't buy all organic food. No one condemns me for my choices and I don't condemn them either. We respect each other and that should be the core of every friendship I think.

So where am I going with this?

Well if you're a new mom or a semi new mom this is my advice to you. Get out of the house. Sometimes without your child. It took me twenty months to start doing that and being on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Find other moms. Your friendships with childless friends are going to change. They don't understand the sleepless nights or the fascination with each milestone. That' s okay. Other moms will though and sometimes you need reassurance that what you're doing is okay and right. Have someone who is willing to meet you at the McDonald's play area as your only source of adult interaction that day. I have moments where if I hear Elmo one more time I may scream. That's when we start texting and meet at the park.

You NEED that.

Occasionally - let someone else watch your kids. I had a hard time with that. Amazingly enough though, my husband, my sister and my parents are all perfectly capable of taking care of Jellybean. In fact all of them have taken care of kids and some have raised a few well into adulthood without too much lasting damage!

You are still a priority. Your child will be a happier child if his or her mom makes time for herself. If they have a mom who has s a friend that understands how annoying it is to have her other nipple treated as a pull toy during a nursing session - they may not get weaned when Mom feels touched out.

Cut yourself some slack and realize that being Supermom is a tall order and sometimes its not worth the title.

Occasionally its fine to just be plain old Mom who wants to finish a meal. Pee with the door shut or get to the bottom of a cup of coffee without reheating it twice.

New Blog Smell

Wondering what that smell is?

It's new blog layout. Similar to new car.

No one has spilled anything on it yet. It's unblemished. Jellybean hasn't ground cereal into it yet. Joey didn't spill oil on it.

Its shiny, sparkly and I love it! Don't you?

(This would be a good time to lie to me. Trust me. It'll work out better for both of us!) I'm still tweaking it but wanted to at least get it up and start working with it.

If you're wondering why I haven't really blogged in ages - Joey has been working out of town along with doing side jobs for the past two months. I really haven't seen him.

It sucks.

And I still have that full time job thing I do along with being a mommy to Jellybean.

Who needs constant supervision. Because he's part spider monkey. He'll climb anything. Then throw himself from it. Laughing.


It's terrifying.

So between rising and shining at 5:30 am, working all day, then coming home and working all night before possibly sitting down on the couch at 11 pm for five minutes of me time before I pass out - I somehow lost my precious blogging time.

I missed all of you though. It was like I went and started a new school and didn't know anyone. So I sat at home every night. Alone.

Well not alone really. I was surrounded by a 2 and a half foot tall Tasmanian Devil, who is either screaming like a banshee, keeps asking for some Mommy lady or wants a cookie. Then there's the two cats who either love or hate each other. The dog that won't move even if kicked and four chickens out back. But other than that I was alone.

And lonely.

So I'm making the time for my blog again.

Because I know all of you missed me too.

Right? Umm..right?

Anywho, I'm going to try my best to really be a part of this thing now. Fill you in on my life and stay on top of yours!

Until I fall off the face of the earth...again!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey Diana!

Are you ready for another rousing edition of Hey Diana?

Alright. Lessss GO!

Hey Diana, I thought you had a shiny new blog layout you were going to debut last week?

Thanks for the reminder. I did. The hubby was home all last weekend so I figured I would have time to map the links then and publish it. Except he fell asleep at 6pm on Friday. Because he had worked the entire day and night before. Then he was up doing chores and running errands. Jellybean didn't nap pretty much all weekend. We spent time doing family stuff. Then more chores. Finally, he was gone again Tuesday morning at 4:30 am.

And its been me and Jellybean since then. Jellybean has worn me out and I didn't do any chores all week let alone blogging. Instead I would fix our lunches once he passed out and would go to bed myself.

Hey Diana, So you're going to do it tonight because the hubby is home?

Wrong again. Tonight is the Mom's Night Out I organized. After work I'm running Jellybean to the chiropractor then hightailing it home so I can prettied up to go out for the first time, ALONE, since having Jellybean. The hubby is watching the little guy along with some other Dad's who are coming over with their kids while us Mom's live it up. I am STOKED. We are having dinner at 7pm, making a pit stop back at my house to nurse kiddos and hopefully put them to sleep and then back out to watch a band and maybe a beverage or two.

I'm being an adult for the night, with girlfriends and a life.

So no blogging. Again.

Hey Diana, Are you ever going to put your new design up?

I hope so. I also hope Joey is working in town next week. If he is and I get caught up on everything then I should have the brainpower leftover at the end of the night to do it!

Hey Diana, What else is new?

I went to the doctor on Thursday.

To pick up my prescription.

For Clomid.

Because we decided we're ready to try to make Jellybean a Jujube.

Another reason the hubby better not be out of town too much in the future. Otherwise I'll be driving across the state to knock boots on O day!

Don't say anything anywhere else if you're friends with me on Facebook or something. We aren't making a big deal of it this time and are going to bite our tongues for a bit even if we get two pink lines quickly.

Hey Diana, Does your life EVER slow down?

I don't think so. I read blogs on my phone and rarely comment on them. I work full time, mommy full time. Have a small zoo at home. Act as accountant, housekeeper (I should fire myself there!), cook, receptionist etc. Run a facebook group where I try to get other moms to actually do playgroups and nights out rather than just complain about the lack of them. I pin things I'll never do and I neglect my blog.

Wears me out just thinking about it.

So, Hey Diana, where are you going to find the time to be a blogger again?

You've got me but I'm going to squeeze it in somewhere!


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