Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey Diana!

Are you ready for another rousing edition of Hey Diana?

Alright. Lessss GO!

Hey Diana, I thought you had a shiny new blog layout you were going to debut last week?

Thanks for the reminder. I did. The hubby was home all last weekend so I figured I would have time to map the links then and publish it. Except he fell asleep at 6pm on Friday. Because he had worked the entire day and night before. Then he was up doing chores and running errands. Jellybean didn't nap pretty much all weekend. We spent time doing family stuff. Then more chores. Finally, he was gone again Tuesday morning at 4:30 am.

And its been me and Jellybean since then. Jellybean has worn me out and I didn't do any chores all week let alone blogging. Instead I would fix our lunches once he passed out and would go to bed myself.

Hey Diana, So you're going to do it tonight because the hubby is home?

Wrong again. Tonight is the Mom's Night Out I organized. After work I'm running Jellybean to the chiropractor then hightailing it home so I can prettied up to go out for the first time, ALONE, since having Jellybean. The hubby is watching the little guy along with some other Dad's who are coming over with their kids while us Mom's live it up. I am STOKED. We are having dinner at 7pm, making a pit stop back at my house to nurse kiddos and hopefully put them to sleep and then back out to watch a band and maybe a beverage or two.

I'm being an adult for the night, with girlfriends and a life.

So no blogging. Again.

Hey Diana, Are you ever going to put your new design up?

I hope so. I also hope Joey is working in town next week. If he is and I get caught up on everything then I should have the brainpower leftover at the end of the night to do it!

Hey Diana, What else is new?

I went to the doctor on Thursday.

To pick up my prescription.

For Clomid.

Because we decided we're ready to try to make Jellybean a Jujube.

Another reason the hubby better not be out of town too much in the future. Otherwise I'll be driving across the state to knock boots on O day!

Don't say anything anywhere else if you're friends with me on Facebook or something. We aren't making a big deal of it this time and are going to bite our tongues for a bit even if we get two pink lines quickly.

Hey Diana, Does your life EVER slow down?

I don't think so. I read blogs on my phone and rarely comment on them. I work full time, mommy full time. Have a small zoo at home. Act as accountant, housekeeper (I should fire myself there!), cook, receptionist etc. Run a facebook group where I try to get other moms to actually do playgroups and nights out rather than just complain about the lack of them. I pin things I'll never do and I neglect my blog.

Wears me out just thinking about it.

So, Hey Diana, where are you going to find the time to be a blogger again?

You've got me but I'm going to squeeze it in somewhere!

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