Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PYHO - Whiny Butt

Everyone knows that I love Jellybean more than life itself. He's an amazing kid. Cute, cuddly, smart as a whip, makes me laugh and gives the best kisses. I know how lucky I am to have him.

Time for some honesty though. Lately, he's been a pain. He's going through a whiny butt stage and everything is a huge ordeal.

He takes his socks off. And whines because he wants them on.

Points to a banana. I give it to him and he whines because he doesn't want it.

I put Elmo on after 237 requests for it and he whines.

I know its a stage. I know he is frustrated that he can't communicate what he wants effectively. He's tired after day care too.

Alone with him all week, pregnant and tired myself. I wish I could have some wine too. I haven't had an appetite, the house is a mess and I'm too tired to care.

Luckily whiny butt gave me extra sweet kisses this morning so maybe, just maybe his cute curls and the way he says momma makes the whininess bearable after all.

I hear that this is just a preview of the next three years or so though. If that's the case then this mommy is going to need to invest in some ear plugs and wine. :-)


Sara S said...

A has been whiny lately too! Especially when it comes to trying to communicate with us! Almost completely understand how you're feeling!

Di said...

Ugh, most of my toddler mom friends have said that. We need a support group!

Dawn said...

Whining is so tough to deal with. It just grates on my nerves. I have been where you are. I can promise that it is a phase that will end. It will stop. Eventually.

Nicole said...

Unfortunately I've never had a child that age to deal with really. I got my step-daughter at 6 but she has her moments when she's whiny, even at 9 years old. I'm not sure it really ever goes away. I can get you the ear plugs though. And just in case you ever need to know, they're great when your spouse snores too :). But yeah I'll get the kisses made it worth it :)

Shell said...

He's definitely hit that stage. No one tells you the terrible twos start before they are actually two!

Robbie K said...

if it's not one stage it's another. The twos were a breeze for all of my kids--3 on the other hand was horrific.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Wait WHAT!?!? When did this happen? Congrats!!!!

And the whining... my son went through that stage right after his dad left. He got upset and whiney about everything. Luckily, by some miracle, I actually gained patience, with my kids at least, during that time, so we weathered it, but MAN, everyone noticed!

Di said...

I know I'm in for it since he's a combination of me and Joey. We are both stubborn and bull headed.

Di said...

I had a few friends say 3 was much worse!

Di said...

Thanks! I spilled the beans Monday! :)

I know it's worse because Joey works out of town all week! Poor kid is probably tired of spending all his time with just me!


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