Monday, September 10, 2012

New Blog Smell

Wondering what that smell is?

It's new blog layout. Similar to new car.

No one has spilled anything on it yet. It's unblemished. Jellybean hasn't ground cereal into it yet. Joey didn't spill oil on it.

Its shiny, sparkly and I love it! Don't you?

(This would be a good time to lie to me. Trust me. It'll work out better for both of us!) I'm still tweaking it but wanted to at least get it up and start working with it.

If you're wondering why I haven't really blogged in ages - Joey has been working out of town along with doing side jobs for the past two months. I really haven't seen him.

It sucks.

And I still have that full time job thing I do along with being a mommy to Jellybean.

Who needs constant supervision. Because he's part spider monkey. He'll climb anything. Then throw himself from it. Laughing.


It's terrifying.

So between rising and shining at 5:30 am, working all day, then coming home and working all night before possibly sitting down on the couch at 11 pm for five minutes of me time before I pass out - I somehow lost my precious blogging time.

I missed all of you though. It was like I went and started a new school and didn't know anyone. So I sat at home every night. Alone.

Well not alone really. I was surrounded by a 2 and a half foot tall Tasmanian Devil, who is either screaming like a banshee, keeps asking for some Mommy lady or wants a cookie. Then there's the two cats who either love or hate each other. The dog that won't move even if kicked and four chickens out back. But other than that I was alone.

And lonely.

So I'm making the time for my blog again.

Because I know all of you missed me too.

Right? Umm..right?

Anywho, I'm going to try my best to really be a part of this thing now. Fill you in on my life and stay on top of yours!

Until I fall off the face of the earth...again!

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Love the new look :) I've been bad b/c I've been blogging, but not reading other blogs...and I really don't know why?


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