Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PYHO - Sometimes It's Overwhelming

Thank you all for bearing with me while I updated my look and found time to blog again. I do appreciate it!

Also, make sure you come back on Monday for a HUGE announcement. For those of you that have been following a long while - it's a jaw dropper!

This week marks 8th week in a row that Joey has been working out of town.

8 weeks, ya’ll.

I see him on the weekends. Sometimes. If he isn’t also doing a side job.

I admire that he is diligently working to pay off all the debt that accumulated over the past year due to his addiction, probation, unemployment, etc. I really do and it’s a relief.

Sometimes though?

Its exhausting.

I work a 9 hour day. With a house, a toddler, 2 cats, a dog, 1 bearded dragon and 4 chickens to take care of.

None of them other then myself are capable of cooking or cleaning. Not all of them are potty trained.

Every day I feed Jellybean and the next day he just wants to be fed again. Demandingly. Messily.

He also does not feel that clean clothing, nonsticky floors or clean dishes should take priority over playing with trains or watching Elmo. So, I put the chores off and then they pile up. Overwhelming me.

When Joey is home I get irritable because it still feels as if I am doing all the work. I have a hard time appreciating what he does since it’s a few hours out of the week for him. While for me it’s a full time job.

It doesn’t help that I have been battling insomnia lately. So my exhaustion really kicks in.

Last week I gave in to the exhaustion. I let us eat easy meals for dinner. There was a night or two where Jellybean didn’t get a bath. His lunches and mine weren’t as good as they usually are. Instead, I went to bed with him and slept. I needed it. I’m going to keep needing it as long as this is a solo show.

I’m not upset with Joey really. He is doing great and has a huge burden of responsibility on his shoulders as he supervises some major projects. I’m proud of him and know that ultimately he may end up being the breadwinner in our family allowing me to spend more time being mom.

I just want someone to swing by once in awhile and tell me to go grab a coffee while they watch Jellybean and do a load of dishes. Someone to say – you’re doing a great job balancing it all. Jellybean is a lucky kid and you’re a great wife. Someone to recognize me.

Single mom’s – I don’t know how you do it alone every day! When Joey comes home on a Friday, I’m ready to kiss his feet knowing that I get a small reprieve for the next two days. I couldn’t imagine never getting that break. My hat goes off to you!


Natalie said...

I love the new blog look...and no joke this mothering gig is exhausting especially if you are all on your own. I could go to hotel and sleep straight for 10 hours! Hope the weekend gets here fast for you!

Jen Forbes said...

You couldn't be more right.I raised two natural children, three step children all in my twenties and I frankly don't know how I did it.

This month I took my almost 4 year old granddaughter for 16 days (i'm now in my fifties) my husband is pretty much over the kid thing.

I was wiped out every night sometimes during the day.

I truly think I was nuts when I was younger, that and constantly buzzed on coffee.

Di said...

I'm not going to lie, coffee is the only thing that gets me through some days. Along with copious amounts of sweet tea!

Di said...

I wish. I don't even know how to sleep through the night anymoreif I could. I wake up regardless!

Tricia said...

And my hat goes off to you! Solo parenting is exhausting and I admire anyone who does it for more than a day at a time. I hope it ends quickly for you but sounds like you have all of the right priorities.

Shell said...

That's a long time for him to be out of town!

I cheated and did Chick-fil-a for dinner tonight. ;)

Can't wait to hear your news! Well, if it's good news. Hope it is!

Di said...

Definitely good news! Can't wait to share! Chik-fil-a can be counted as healthy. Although Jellybean won't eat the grilled nuggets, I've tried!

Di said...

I hope it ends soon too but I'm also just thankful we both have good jobs - even if it does wear me out!


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