Sunday, September 13, 2009

4 Days

What's that you ask? Where in the wide world of sports have I been?

Well remember that for some crazy insane reason my husband and I decided it would be a bright idea to go and buy a house. So for three weeks I filled out countless papers which asked for every detail of our life. You know Kindergarten teacher, every babysitting job I ever held, blood type, which vital organ are we willing to part with, are we open to slave labor, etc. Then there was the inspections - just two right - the standard and the appraisal. Well for most that would be sufficient but we all know I like to do things the hard way so we decided to tack on a septic and well inspection too - that we needed to arrange in 24 hours or less so not to push back our closing date. I decided to just drop off my checkbook at the Title company and ask them to return it to me when they were done or when we ran out of money. Well, which ever comes first.

So after all that I finally get to relax, right? Oh wait did I forget to mention that I recently ASKED for additional projects at work too? (Yes, I am certifiably insane - Thank You very much.) So my days were spent with working on all these various projects at work along with a special event and a few difficult situations or people... Needless to say I came home exhausted and couldn't bring myself to do a darn thing - let alone update this blog.

Then I started looking around my house. First there was the impossibly tall grass in our yard that my mother-in-law's Pomeranian kept getting swallowed by. Then there was our bedroom carpet that the dog had treated as a latrine one too many times.


Finally - I came home one day to see the FOR RENT sign my landlord had planted in our front yard.

OH CRAP - we have a houseful of STUFF that needs to get packed up. My stuff, Joey's, Devin's and two weeks to get it all done. Lovely. Now I love my husband to the ends of the earth but he does not pack things. He throws them in boxes haphazardly and just assumes we can buy new if something breaks. (No honey - that candle that my parents brought back from Poland can not just be replaced. I really do need to wrap it in 827 layers of bubble wrap and then place it in its own box surrounded by packing peanuts.)

So, I have been in PACKING hell for the past week. I realized I have way too much clothing that I can't part with but I rarely wear. I also realized that by throwing out my old winter jacket I can now get Joey to buy me the peacoat I've hinted at for two years now. I realized that we have 4 sets of wine glasses but we don't drink wine. I realized that in the end I will probably end up throwing many random loose objects in my car for the 5 mile drive over. The carpets are shampooed. The laundry is finished.


Finally, mercifully I ran out of boxes last night and I was finally able to relax this morning. After I attempted to mow the lawn, bent the blade, drove to Walmart for a new one, and told my darling husband he could fix it since the lawn is his job anyway.

We close in 4 days - Thursday at noon. Then the fun part of moving, cleaning and fixing up the old house, and unpacking.

Maybe you'll see me on here again.....around Christmas.

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