Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking care of business

I’m beginning to think that our sweet, loving dog is also slightly mentally retarded. No really – if he was human I would consider getting him evaluated. Wait – do they offer that for animals? Is there a way to check for brain damage? I would love to know because that may eliminate 99.8% of the fights Joey and I have. (Disclaimer: In defense of our sweet, sweet Blue – he was abused and is very skittish)

There are some tried and true rules in our home when it comes to the dog.
#1 – If he hasn’t pooed he goes in the garage for the night.
#2 – If it’s been raining all night and he’s only done sprint pees, he goes in the garage.

Obviously there is a point to me telling you all this and it concerns all 3 rules. It was raining last night so naturally Rules #1 and 2 automatically would apply – correct? He didn’t take care of business in any way shape or form as he would sprint out the front door, pee on the philodendron right next to the house and run back in within 2.3 seconds shaking off like crazy. Around 10 last night I told Joey I was going to bed. He was watching TV in the living room and Blue was in there with him. My last words were “Make sure you lock Blue up!”

Fast forward to 4am – I’m woken up by Joey whistling for the dog. Lights on in the bedroom. The dog doesn’t move. Joey then grabs him, Blue pees in the bed and all hell breaks loose. I ask what in the world is going on. Joey says the dog used the bathroom – both duties- in the living room. I ask why he wasn’t in the garage like he was supposed to be. (Blue is now hiding in the closet) Well Joey fell asleep on the couch. (FYI-all of this is somehow my fault) So Blue naturally did his thing wherever he felt like. I’m pissed off since I was woken up out of a deep sleep and now have to deal with a ton of crap –literally!

I put Blue in the garage and go to sleep in the other bedroom while Joey lies back down on the couch. We exchange a few more very loving words back and forth before he finally falls back asleep. I on the other hand manage to catch maybe another half hour of zz’s. Sigh. He was still in a fine mood when I called him later on this morning but I basically told him we could discuss it when I got home. I’m hoping his mood improves during the day since we have a ton to get accomplished this weekend and I can’t see us getting any of it done if we are snippy.

So my plan for this weekend is to find a crate for the dog…..and maybe the hubby too!

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