Friday, August 7, 2009

My brain hates me

I'm on Day 2 of the worst migraine that ever could be. My midrin has done absolutely nothing for me although throwing an ibuprofen 8 on top of it helped some yesterday. Since I had to drive today to get to work no midrin - just ibuprofen and an iced coffee for me. I have turned my office into a cave with all my lights off and the blinds shut. I like it in there....


We are going to look at houses on Saturday. We have found one we really like but we're also going to look at a few more in that neighborhood. We bit the bullet and did the pre-approval paperwork for the mortgage and asked my sister's friend who is also a Realtor to show us the homes. EEK. It's one thing to talk about buying and another to actually be going through the process. The only sticking point will be how much we're going to need at the closing table. I have some in savings, some I can borrow against my 401K but we may need to borrow from family a bit just to get us to the closing. We have the $8,000 tax credit coming to us along with some bonuses from my work and other money in the pipeline so we would be able to pay everyone back in a month or two. Wish us luck!!

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