Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deer burgers

Joey's dad brought over some deer burger meat a few months back. I personally am not a huge fan of wild game but as a loving wife I eat things I don't particularly like very much at times just to make him happy. So, last night we decided we are going to use up the deer burger meat. I suggested we make cube steaks with it since I don't mind the taste of those and it would have gone perfectly with the sides I had planned but Joey had his heart set on burgers.

Joey poured his heart into making these burgers. He mixed bacon and cheddar in and patted them to perfection. Then we realized it - we don't have any hamburger buns. So we zip out to pick some buns up and as we are leaving store #1 without buns I say to Joey - "Hey, did you cover those burgers up so Blue can't get to them?"

Joey - "No, I don't think he'll mess with them"

Me - "Really honey, you don't think so? I've had him eat 2,987,451 meals that I left uncovered but you're right - he won't touch your raw delicious deer burgers."


So its off to stores #2 and #3 and back home with the buns finally. Clue #1 - the dog is not waiting at the window when we pull up.

We open the door and there he is - just cowering and looking guilty. We look over at the counter and the pan with the burgers is gone. Poof! Disappeared!

Joey says - "What did he do with it?"

Me (the all knowing mom of my pet's activities) - "Well he took it in the bedroom of course"

So we walk to the bedroom and there in the middle of the floor is the torn apart and very empty aluminum pan. The dog is under the computer desk and things just don't look good. After a proper amount of scolding and guilt tripping Blue is deposited in the garage (for punishment) while Cadillac is kicked out of the garage (which he loves).

We then load up in the car again and head to Publix for some ground beef to make burgers. (My poor hubby!) He was cursing and grumbling the whole way there. mutter...can't believe he ate my F@#$in deer. Stupid a$$ dog. grumble grumble. We still had an amazing dinner and as a treat we even made homemade jalapeno poppers which Joey just adores.

So you see - it all worked out!

(Until this morning when Joey left his lunchbox sitting on the side of the truck at work and it blew off on the highway was run over by multiple cars and it of course held his beloved jalapeno poppers)

But other than that it all worked out fine - right?

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