Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - These Moments

This is an opportunity to link up every week and share something you or your kiddos just can't live without. Sort of an online girl's night out. So dish about that great new toy you bought your kid or the amazing lipstick everyone needs to try. Let us know what we are missing in our lives.

My thing I love this Thursday isn't a place or a product. It's a moment. Its about taking the time to slow down and just enjoy.

Yesterday was another sunny, beautiful Florida day. I went to feed Jellybean during my lunch break as usual and I decided to run over to the park with him. I hate him being stuck at day care all day so I pulled a "cool mom" trick.

So this Thursday, the thing I love the most is this half hour on a Wednesday at lunch with my Jellybean.

Me and him.

A break in monotony.

And the cutest damn smile - EVER!

What do you love this Thursday?

1 comment:

Kakunaa said...

At this point I don't even remember Thursday. LOL. I really must start participating in this! And btw, your son makes me grin. I can't believe mine has outgrown him!


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