Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PYHO - I'm not Cured

Y'all - write this day down in the history books. Not only am I actually posting a blog but last night...Jellybean SLEPT ALL NIGHT! If you were wondering what the nationwide parades and fireworks were for this morning. Now you know. This is a freaking momentous occasion. I'm not holding my breath that he will do it again tonight but at least I know that he's familiar with the concept.

Speaking of Jellybean, he is in a way a topic of my PYHO post for this week.

As I've mentioned a few times before - we really struggled to conceive the Jellybean. I went off birth control in July of 2008 and didn't conceive Jellybean until May of 2010. In the meantime I went through a bout with a pesky ovarian cyst, changed OB/GYN's, started fertility treatment with a reproductive endocrinologist whose main mission was to get as much money as they could out of me, took a break from fertility treatments and then finally went back to my AMAZING OB who finally worked with me on getting the right amount of medication prescribed that would get me pregnant. I spent a few thousand dollars with the RE and about $18 with my OB on prescriptions only.

Let me tell you seeing those two pink lines was one of the best days of my life. When you are sitting on almost two years of negative tests you start to give up hope and wonder if it will ever happen for you.

I have a friend who started trying around the same time we did, so they are at over three years with still no baby. Funnily enough she was with my original doctor that I left because I felt she was incompetent. Now that friend finally decided to go down the fertility treatment route too so I was in a position of being able to answer questions, offer advice and keep my fingers crossed for them. She gets to test Friday and I truly hope they are pregnant.

Answering all those questions though, it made me start thinking about #2. I have already let the hubby know that I want to try again next year. That is if Jellybean ever gets to a point in breast feeding where I get my cycles back. You would think that now that I have Jellybean I would be more optimistic about the next time.

The truth is - just because I got pregnant once - I am not cured.

There is a good chance that my good ole pal infertility is still lurking in the shadows. I'm terrified that this time it won't be as simple as 100mg of Clomid. That it may take more which I know we can't afford. I'm going to ask that if you know someone who is trying to conceive - don't offer advice. Don't tell them to relax. Do the deed every other day. Stand on your head and then do three consecutive back flips. Trust me if they are struggling with infertility they have tried it all.

Just offer support and prayers.

And if someone is experiencing secondary infertility don't tell them to just be happy with the kids they already have. The pain is just as strong regardless of which child you are going for.

Once again prayers and support.

So next year when I'm ready to start trying I'll be sending all of you back to this entry, okay?

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Sara said...

So this is probably the "advice" you don't need to hear, but I'm going to write it anyway.... You know that I have PCOS and EVERY dr. I have spoken to said that conceiving a 2nd child is easier because your body has "learned" how to be pregnant. Hopefully that will be true for you:-)

Hyacynth said...

I hope you have another and that you dreams are realized. :) {And thanks for the advice on how to relate to those who are having trouble TTC.}

Shell said...

I hope you are able to have a second easily, my friend.

Oka said...

Good Luck and prayers. All children she be lucky enough to have parents that want them as much as you do.

Lynn said...

I hope that you can have a second with no problems. My girlfriend had to go the same route, and she was blessed with a beautiful son. She said the pain of the whole process ie; needle injections ect. was just too much to go through again. So she and her husband will try again naturally and if it's not in the books then at least they have on beauty! Good luck.



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