Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Sprout Baby Food

I had the best of intentions to make all of Jellybean's food myself. I was going to buy everything organic and whip up culinary creations that he would enjoy every day. For the most part I have made most of Jellybean's food - currently our freezer has three different soups my mom made for him, hummus made by me, plum and banana puree, sweet potato-squash-apple puree, mango-cantaloupe-peach puree, rhubarb and peach puree, Brussels sprouts and squash puree and a few other things. I also let him try bits of what we are having. While on vacation I ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich only to have him devour my fish instead. I love what an adventurous eater he is and how healthy he usually eats.

That being said - there are times where I just can't make his food. Shoot there are times where I don't have the energy to make our dinner, let alone whip something up for him. Or when we are traveling it just doesn't make sense to bring our food. In those instances I usually turn to Sprout. Sprout is the brainchild of chef Tyler Florence and their recipes are all organic and oh so tasty. I make it a point to taste anything I'm going to serve Jellybean and there are times where I rip open a pouch of Sprout and I'm jealous that my baby is eating better than I am. Case in point - Joey and I grabbed McDonald's while at Wal-mart one evening. 

Jellybean - he had Ginger Chicken with Bananas, Coconut and Rice. 

If I'm not going to serve my child something I made myself I want to know that he is getting the next best thing and I truly do believe that is the case with Sprout. It was a life saver having those pouches with me when we were vacationing in Savannah. Jellybean loved the variety in the food and I loved not having to figure out how to feed him while we stayed in a cabin without a kitchen!
 Jellybean ate this at the Waffle House when we were on the road. I had a BLT. He wins!

Sprout also mixes in different spices and flavors which is a huge deal with me. I don't want to raise a picky eater. My step son is one and it drives me crazy trying to plan meals when he is here. Jellybean has already been exposed to cumin, garlic, cinnamon and a variety of other spices. He noshes on broccoli as happily as his puffs or crunchies. Sprout lets me encourage exposing him to a host of different flavors and ingredients. 

Now if only they would expand into big kid meals I'll have something to fall back on once Jellybean is past the purees!

What are you loving this Thursday?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Those meals sound like stuff I would eat! Good choice for the JB!

Helene said...

Ginger chicken? Really? Jarred baby food sure has come a long way since my kids were babies! Sounds delicious!

Emmy said...

It is so true- I know I often feed my kids better than myself.


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