Monday, June 15, 2009

I can't believe the nerve....

So remember that Dr appt with the ob/gyn that I had been looking forward to since May? The one that was already rescheduled once and was supposed to happen today? The appointment that was super important to me since this makes a year I'm off bcp and I wanted to know what steps we need to take next in order to get moving on the baby making business? Well guess who calls me this morning to reschedule again?

Needless to say I was very upset since I rearranged work and other appointments to squeeze this into my schedule. They then had the audacity to suggest they could send me somewhere else for my ultrasound and then I could come back to meet with the doctor once the results were in. Pay my copay twice because of their errors? No thanks! I informed them I was just going to find a different provider instead.

Searched around, read some reviews, and I have an appt scheduled for 7/9 with a new Dr. who will hopefully be more professional and will get the ball rolling for us since I am more than ready for some babies.

Wish me luck!

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