Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home...or else

So as I mention in our description - we would like to buy a house this year. I don't know how it happened but somehow half the year had passed and still no house.

All the money I had been saving for that down payment....the Chevy dealership now has it since we had to get Joey a new vehicle back in April. (I still don't understand why he couldn't keep driving the Saturn - it was just missing a window, had no AC or radio, and overheated after backing out of the driveway) Don't even get me started on his "project Jeep" that was supposed to replace the Saturn. After pouring somewhere around $2500 into the money pit, it blew a rod through the engine on the first test drive and is now once again sitting in our driveway - immobile.

So as I said before - I have to buy a house this year and it is almost July already. I've made it my mission to save up enough for a down payment and closing costs by the end of September - its going to be tough and all my luxuries will be out the window but so worth it in the end. The two huge reasons I want to do this now are A) The government is going to rape us on our taxes if we don't buy a house since we make too much (according to them - I beg to differ) and we don't have anything to write off and B) I don't want to miss out on that $8,000 credit for first time homebuyers.

I'm somewhat obsessed with the idea now. I peruse realtor.com and zillow. I take winding drives home from work so I can scope out the for sale signs. I've held off on using up the rest of my Pier 1 gift card since I want to use it for the new house. Did I mention yet I don't have the down payment saved up? That I haven't even gotten preapproved for a mortgage yet. I figure these are all minor details. We all know the important factors here are window shopping homes, decorating and the dreaming stage. I figure once I buy a house its going to be a long time before I can even consider getting into another one so I may as well enjoy the process.

Anyone have a nice 4/2 in the historic section of Deland for around $100,000 they'd like to sell me with no down payment? :)

Till next time,

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