Monday, June 8, 2009

Breakthroughs and a break in general!

So Thursday brought us an amazing breakthrough which I NEVER thought would happen. Before I get into that you'll be needing some background information.

Meet Joey - the hubby. I really truly love my husband to death but his one terminal fault is - he doesn't talk, ever. The man will not share anything that may be bothering him or discuss emotional topics. It is a closed case with him. You get one word answers, grunts and I don't want to talk about it. I've tried being lovey, ignoring him and chinese water torture. None of these methods produced significant results.

As you may have noticed in a few of my previous posts - the hubs hasn't exactly been in the greatest mood lately. This in turn has led to some dischord in the home. (Cutting through the bs - we've been fighting thanks to his shi**y mood)

Finally on Thursday after fight #2846 over nothing my hubby broke down and talked to me about what was bothering him and we started moving ahead. Since then it has been like living in a completely different home. We've been helping each other out and just getting along like we use to since then. I don't expect it to last forever but what a relief!

We had a busy weekend too so thank goodness for resolving that situation. On Friday we had Joey's nephew Dawson come over for the weekend, Joey's Mom and Dad stopped by, we had Devin and a neighborhood kid came over too. Joey took care of the yard. I walked the pooch and the boys, ordered pizza and then Joey's parents watched the kids while we made a Walmart run. Saturday Joey had an MRI so we dropped the boys off at my Mom and Dad's to play with my sister's kids then we ate lunch there and headed home. I took a nap when we got home since I had eaten like crap Friday and Saturday and it hit me hard. Joey cleaned the whole house inside and out while I was sleeping. So I went grocery shopping and made dinner once I woke up.

Sunday capped off a wonderful weekend. I woke up and made some amazing banana nut bread.

Joey's mom said it was "Out of this world"

My Cinnamon Apple tea hit the spot too!

I planted some peppers in the yard and sprayed the boys and the dog with the hose for a bit and then we were off to Joey's Uncles house to drop off both boys for a few days and have a fish fry. Joey wanted to go fishing but the weather wouldn't cooperate. I sat around read some books and we all yelled at the boys every 2.3 minutes.

Then we drove home and just reveled in the silence. Tonight its steak, sweet potato fries, and grilled artichoke. What a week!

Till next time,

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