Wednesday, January 16, 2013

114 Days


114 Days.


If everything goes as planned that is how long I have until I am officially a mommy of two. In fact if all goes as planned then by this time on May 10, I will be a mommy of two already.


114 Days.


Currently my house still only has working lights/electrical outlets in half of it. An entire bedroom is being used as a storage space. We need to replace carpet in two rooms. All my newborn stuff is in boxes, the attic and other random places.


Between Christmas and Jellybean’s birthday – it looks like Toys R Us threw up in my living room. I need to put clean sheets on all the beds. Vacuum. Wash dishes and put away dishes.


114 Days.


Plan a registry. Find hidden money since rewiring our house cost us a bundle. Get some freezer meals stocked up. Activities for Jellybean while we’re home.


114 Days.


And that is why yesterday after work I didn’t head home. I went to my parent’s house. Joey has been working out of town again for the past month and a half. Its hard on Jellybean (and me). He wants his Daddy. I want some help. So yesterday after hearing him ask for two days straight to go see his Babcia and Dziadzo. I did just that. I took him and said screw the chores, the cooking, the cleaning.


In 114 Days – his world is going to be rocked. He will no longer be the only one. He’ll be sharing Mommy, Daddy and everyone else. So for 114 Days – its okay to spoil him a little more than usual. To wait until he’s in bed to do all the grown up stuff. To take turns sleeping next to him or letting him sleep in our bed. To give him popsicles before bed.


Because in 114 Days, he will no longer be our only baby.


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Shell said...

It is a huge change. But you will all adjust, I promise. :)

Natalie said...

It isn't easy...but you'll make it just like the rest of us. Will there be hard moments? Yep...will there be joyful moments you bet!


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