Thursday, January 3, 2013

So Taboo!

I’ve mentioned before that I host a mommy group on Facebook and I’m also on a breastfeeding support group on there too.


Both really great groups with really great people.


Given that we are all mom’s on there its safe to say that we all have at least one thing in common.


Yet most of the moms are terrified to bring up any questions dealing with it. In fact it remains a Taboo subject.




I can venture to say that in most cases – barring IUI and IVF – you in fact had sex in order to now be a mom. Hopefully you even enjoyed it. You might miss it. You might not. You might wonder if you will ever want it again. You might scream if your significant other even attempts to touch you in a sexual manner within the next year because by GOD you need to get some sleep and heaven forbid you get pregnant again.


All normal.




We are sexual creatures by nature. Its normal. We should want it – or not right after having a kid.


My sex drive took about six months to come back after Jellybean. I didn’t really want it until around a year.


Regardless – we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Ask questions. Support each other.


Don’t speak about it in hushed voices. Worry there is something wrong with you in silence.


Be proud, embrace it.


You didn’t make a baby by not having sex. You should want to have it again some time.


You should worry about your marriage or relationship. Want to know how to keep intimacy in it until you are ready. That makes you a good partner.


I address it by hosting a mommy group at my house about every six months where we all get together and talk about it all – marriage, sex, relationships, our bodies. Without fear. Without shame.


Be brave – host one yourself. Your friends will be grateful to you!


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