Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out - Making it Work Mom

One of the best things I have done for myself in the past year is to step out of my comfort zone and actually make an effort to make friends.


I posted before about the wonderful breastfeeding support group that I am a part of. Initially I was going to meetings hosted by other people and somehow in the past few weeks I’ve been hosting. I don’t mind – it gives me a push to get some chores done and you always feel more comfortable in your own home. Last week I had 8 mom and 10 kids in my house as we discussed marriage after kids. Yea – that topic was a popular one. I can boil down what makes it work to two words – Sex and communication. I’ll write a longer post that includes all the tips sometime later. (Which if you know my schedule lately means I have six months to make it happen!)


This week we are meeting to plan a toddler busy bag swap. I am super excited to do this. I’ve done a few of these projects with Jellybean already. The fuzzy ball push it ins are a huge hit and one of my own creations – a plastic jar (like from animal crackers) full of jar lids and cookie cutters is a favorite too.


The best part of these nights though? Jellybean gets to run around and play with other kids in the evening while I get to talk with other moms for a bit and be more than just a mom. Admittedly Jellybean was a little overwhelmed by the amount of people in our house last week and having to share his toys so he stuck close to me for part of the night but he had a great time once he warmed up to them.


I’ve already thought of a topic for next week to discuss too. And I think all of you can help –


“Making it Work, Mom”


I want to discuss being a working mom, breastfeeding, time management, organization, etc. All the tips and tricks that help you keep your sanity among the chaos that life is. Even if you don’t work outside the home I’m sure you have tips to contribute. What works also changes as your child gets older. When Jellybean was 3-6 months old getting dinner made was easy. He would sit in his bouncer while I cooked and went to bed around 6:30 or 7. Now though? I better have some snacks or activities ready if I’m going to get dinner on the table before 7:30!


Jellybean likes to sleep in now. I can usually carry him into the car seat for day care still sleeping. Then he will snooze the whole way there. My trick with that? I’ll change his bottom portion since that won’t wake him up before we leave the house. He gets a clean diaper, shorts and socks on. I bring his shirt with me and swap it out before I carry him in. He’s also been known to sleep in his clothes for the next day a time or two if I knew I was going to want to hit snooze a few times the next day.


I have a million more things that I’ve learned along the way too. Things I wish people had told me a year ago that would have made my life so much easier. So please – share your advice on how to make it all work. We don’t need to be Supermom but I think all of us want to be able to have people over without being too embarrassed. Our kids will already take care of the embarrassment factor for us. (Especially if your little one is currently obsessed with his peepee like a certain someone in my home. Who knew the fascination started that early in boys?) Tell me how you keep Mount Washmore from toppling, food on the table and still find five minutes to yourself. Also think back to when you had a newborn, toddler, etc and what worked for you then. I’m going to compile all your advice and the tips from our group next week and make a giant Surviving Motherhood at every stage type of post!


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Sara S said...

You've motivated me to get a play date started for Abigail. I'll think of some stuff that makes life easier for us around here & let ya know!

Michelle said...

I think that multitasking is key...throwing in a load of laundry after showers and doing a little at a time throughout the day to keep from feeling overwhelmed by it(and with 10 people in our house, believe me...it doesn't take much to get overwhelmed!) Being flexible is the other key, kids are constantly changing so things that once worked just don't anymore so you have to adjust. You have never "arrived" as a mom..but you can enjoy the view when you reach a momentary plateau.(Just make sure you keep your sneakers close by and don't get too comfortable!)

Natalie said...

I am wondering how I am going to handle a toddler and a baby...it should be interesting!

Janice Trinh said...

Everyday is a challenge to make it work. I think that if I didn't know how to multitask, this house would have fallen down over us years ago! AND flexibility is definitely a must - especially when you have a 7 year old homeschooler, a toddler, and a crawling infant! ;)

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Good for you for making it work.. I love your routine of taking him half dressed in the car...way to make it work..literally!

Laundry... do one load every day... wash, dry, and put it away. I HATE it. Some days the last thing I want to do is finish that load before I go to bed, but it does keep it at bay!

I also have a nighttime routine that I do before I go to bed... empty dishes and windex sink, sweep floor, wipe down bathrooms quickly... it's not a deep clean, but it helps with keep up!

Shell said...

Love that you are going to share your tips!


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