Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here we go again...

So, I finally went back to the Dr. and all I got out of it was yet another appointment for an ultrasound. I go back on the 11th where she will see if the cyst has gone away, is getting smaller or if she needs to drain it. I was almost in tears though since I really wanted some more answers. I asked her if she thought this would affect our ability to get pregnant and she didn't think so. I'm holding out judgment on that right now but I am going to ask her to test my hormone levels when I go back. I'd like to have all my bases covered. I'm thinking I will "O" this month since I had a big drop in my temp this morning. I've been taking the "Fertility Blend" and Dong Quai so hopefully that's helping.

In good news though - she did tell me that Joey and I should be doing the baby dance every other night - neither one of us has been complaining too much about that! Joey had his CAT Scan and blood tests on Friday so they can try to figure out what is causing his abdominal/pelvic pain. He goes back to get scoped on the 13th and I will love having some answers and getting him better. He's pretty much in a constant state of someone peed on my cheerios right now since he's in pain and its getting old really fast.

In the exciting news from this past weekend - we went and saw CRAIG MORGAN!!!! Absolutely the highlight of my weekend since I love, love, love him. His opening act, Josh Thompson, was really great too! Here are some pics from the show -

Joey jamming on the way to the show.

Josh Thompson - the opening act


International Harvester Tour

He signed Karolina!!

I will definitely go see him again. The other plans for this week are lunchtime yoga and maybe an evening class or two. We'll see!

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