Monday, May 11, 2009

Sometimes it all just works out!

I have to say things seem to all be falling into place the way they should be. Joey and I celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary this past weekend. It was truly a wonderful time and the first time we've really relaxed in quite awhile.

Joey's mom Tonya came over Thursday night and brought us a roast she had made for dinner. It was delish and we enjoyed hanging out with her. She stayed the night and then it was off to work the next day for all of us. After work I spotted Joey at the car wash vacuuming out his truck so I went ahead and had him do my car too. Then it was off to the Chiropractor and a quick stop at Beall's Outlet for the cutest tube tops. That night we took Joey's mom out to dinner for Mother's Day, walked the dog and tucked in early so we could be at UNIVERSAL bright and early. Woo Hoo.

So we woke up around 7am and started getting ready. I packed all the essentials, walked the dog and we were off!

We got to Universal around 8:40 and the park opened at 9 so our timing was perfect. Joey and I really had a blast. The lines were short we managed to ride every ride we wanted to and spent some great quality time together. We didn't leave the park until around 7:30 and we were exhausted. In fact we were so tired we had to have a drink before we continued on.

So Sunday was our actual anniversary and we went over to my Mom and Dad's and spent the day with them and my sister's family. It was a day for lounging poolside and I for one thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now for the best news of all. I went back to the GYN today for a followup ultrasound concerning the HUGE cyst I had and..........the sucker is completely gone! My ovaries look completely healthy and normal with lots of healthy follicles and one dominant follicle on the left ovary so who knows? Maybe this will be our month after all! I go back on the 8th for one more follow up but she said it all looked great and was really pleased.

Joey also has his scopes this week but we already know from the CT scan that he has a hiatal hernia so we've started changing how we cook and eat in order to keep from aggravating it. It's going to be complete lifestyle change for him but for the better I'm sure.

Finally, Two weeks from today we will be on our way back from Mississippi with Devin. We are really looking forward to having him for the month and have started getting his room set up for him again.

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