Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Tuesday 5/19/09
(My Daddy's 60th Birthday!!)

And then there was Wednesday 5/20/09

It's day 4 of pretty much continuous rain here. I know we need the rain so I'm not going to complain too much but my back is killing me from all this rain. My yard is a swamp. We can't walk the dog and Joey is being a grump from getting soaked at work everyday. I totally understand being miserable from being wet for 8 hours a day but its not my fault! Go complain to the rain gods!

For those following from sk, I'm still in the 2ww - hopefully it'll be a bfp but I'm just not thinking it will. The back pain is too close to what I get before AF. If thats the case then I'm going to go ahead and get the ball rolling on more tests when I go in for my followup us on the 8th.

Life will be crazy busy until then with my Dad's citizenship ceremony tomorrow. Then on Friday we leave for Mississippi to pick Devin up nd bring him back for 5 weeks. Joey is supposed to be handling getting eveything prepared for that and so far...he's put a shelf in Devin's room. Hasn't signed him up for Day Camp yet, pulled his stuff down from the attic, etc. I'm a total organization guru so ordinarily all that would be completed by now but I decided Joey really needs to step up and take care of things since he is Devin's father. He just gets use to me handling everything and doesn't really have the drive to do things himself. I have enough on my pplate already so I decided it was sink or swim time and at almost 31 yrs old - he was going to have to strap on his big boy pants and do things on his own. It really hasn't gone well so far but I'm not giving in!

Well that's my rant for today...I think the rain is making me a little crabby too!

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