Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am finally, finally allowing myself to have a little hope. First things first – Joey had his procedures yesterday – an pandescopy and colonoscopy. Nothing on the colon and some irritation/redness in the pandescopy. The doctor took a biopsy but is pretty sure its just gastritis. Joey will continue on the Nexium and we’re just going to make sure we don’t eat things that will flare it up. Joey has actually been really great about this already. He’s been sticking to salads and other healthy choices when he eats so I’m really proud of him. We’re thinking it’s going to be lots of chicken and fish which we love both so it’s really a win win for us!

Now onto why I have hope. I worked a halfer at the office yesterday since I had to be there with Joey for his procedures. I drove home at lunch so we could be at the hospital at 1pm. On my way home I got to thinking about the tech saying that the dominant follicle meaning I had either just ovulated or I was about to. I still had a whole box of ovulation strips sitting at home so I figured why the hell not, I’ll take one when I get home. (Side note – I hadn’t gotten a positive opk in the past two months thanks to that damn cyst) So I got home, did my thing and expected to look at the strip see the lighter line and toss the test in the trash like I had done with every other one. I stared at it and holy smokes the test line actually looked as dark as the control line. I didn’t believe it so I took the test over to Joey and asked him. He said yep – they are the same color! Woo HOO!!! I’m actually ovulating. I then looked at my dear husband who has been on a liquid diet since the night before and is about to have tubes stuck in places they should never go and say to him – that means I get booty tonight! Aren’t we just the most romantic and thoughtful couple ever?

So even if this month isn’t our lucky month at least I am ovulating and we can be hopeful that it will happen eventually. In other news I have been bored out of my mind at work since most of my projects are either completed or I am waiting on the ok to start work on them. I don’t do bored well. I’ve read about 50 or so industry magazines and can tell you more about baking technology and innovation then you’ll ever need to know!

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