Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm a slacker!

I know I know I know! A week without a post! In my defense we left for Mississippi on Friday and made it back home at 11pm on Monday with Devin in tow. It's been a whirlwind since then with day camp, work, cleaning up, unpacking,etc.

Joey and I had a blast on the way to Mississippi - we always enjoy the time we get to spend alone in the car on the way there since we know any semblance of normalcy will disappear for the next month once we get there.

I, of course , took some pictures on the way there...
Joey driving...
Me - still smiling after 7 hours in the car!
Joey enjoying Ryan's buffet!

We arrived in Mississippi at midnight Saturday and picked Devin up pretty early Saturday morning. We then stopped by his Aunt Peggy's house. I hadn't met her yet and thought she was just the sweetest thing ever. Her house was gorgeous too!

Aside from that, Joey did two tattoos, we had to put new back tires on his truck and then it was up bright and early Monday morning to drive Devin and his cousin Dawson back to FLA. The drive took forever and I was in a foul mood Tuesday after having my seat kicked for 13 hours straight!

Now in the baby dance news, unfortunately this month wasn't our month but everything did go exactly according to schedule. I O'd late but AF started exactly 15 days after I O'ed so I'm going to look at it as a positive thing rather than being disappointed that we didn't get a BFP. I'll keep taking my fertility blend and consult with the dr. on the 15th. In the mean time I guess we'll just keep practicing!

Now its time to head home, pick Dev up from camp and head over to my Mom and Dad's for dinner and swimming!


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