Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uncharted Territory

Today I am 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant with Jujube.


At this point Jellybean had been in the world for 6 days and I believe had stepped down to the Level 2 NICU. We were trekking back and forth between the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.


At his birth at exactly 35 weeks Jellybean weighed 3lbs 2oz.


Jujube was estimated at 5lb 12oz during his ultrasound at 35 weeks.


This my friends is uncharted territory.


I can assure you this – I don’t do the end of pregnancy well.




At home – I’m downright bitchy.


I’m tired.


I have no patience.


I hurt. My GOD do I hurt.


Jujube has had his bony little butt in the same spot for about three weeks now. I am literally sore from the inside out.


The shooting hip pain had begun. As in it stops me in my tracks and I cry out.


I’ve given him permission to join us on April 27. I’ll be 37 weeks that day. I’m ready. (Physically that is.)


Logistically – I still have a ton to do. I have lists.


Hospital bag lists.

People to contact for help lists.

Freezer meal lists.

Cleaning lists.

Things left to do lists.

Bills lists.


I then ignore those lists every night and just try to get through until bedtime. Where I may or may not sleep.


My csection is officially scheduled for may 13. Where I will be 39+3. Which no one in my family has ever made it to. And I sincerely hope to go into labor before then. My plan is to really, truly get everything finished this weekend. Come hell or high water.


Then I wait. Start encouraging Jujube to come. With chiropractic, herbs and sex, lots of sex. I’ve warned Joey.


My body is getting ready. He’s dropping. I’m sleeping. I’m leaking.


I’m glad we’re almost done. I want to meet him. Love on him. Introduce Jellybean to being a big brother. Chug down a large frozen adult beverage – wait? What? Yeah..I said it.


So Jujube… just waiting to meet you. Love you. See you.


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Kimberly said...

Those last few weeks were very trying. I was supposed to have a preterm baby because I had an irritable uterus (had contractions all day every day) but the little bugger decided to come on his due date. Which is a blessing.
I hope that you do get some rest.
Make some sexy times :)

Shell said...

Oh, you look so cute!

I'm glad this little one is staying in longer- but yes, the end of pregnancy SUCKS!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

These last few weeks are SO Hard! Just take care of yourself and relax!


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