Friday, April 15, 2011

Conversations with Jellybean

Conversations with Jellybean

Mom: Hey Jellybean! Do you think you can spare a minute out of your busy schedule to let everyone know what you've been up to? It's been quite awhile since you posted anything.

Jellybean: Geez Mom! I'm busy nowadays. I mean I have daycare, tummy time, rolling over, playing, napping, eating, meltdowns. I really don't have time for your silly blog. But if you insist!

Jellybean: Well folks, a few weeks ago I went to the circus with Mom and those crazy people she's related to.
Mom: Um...Jellybean? You are related to those crazy people too!
Jellybean: Huh, you're funny Mom! Any how, like I was saying before I got interuppted. The circus was awesome! There was tigers and elephants, lights flashing, people flying!

Mom: Jellybean - you slept through most of the circus and were eating the rest of the time.

Jellybean: MOOOOMMMM! I thought I was writing this! Quit butting in!

Mom: (I wonder when he learned to type...and why he isn't talking then...)

Jellybean: Where was I? Ah, yes. So after the circus I was inspired to work on my act. There is definitely going to be some dancing in it.

Mom: Bust a move Jellybean. Bust a move.
Jellybean: But yesterday, I discovered my true calling.
Mom: What's that Jellybean?
Jellybean: Pimpin. Straight Pimpin.


Kakunaa said...

LOL I love these posts! He its so damn adorable!

The Blue Zoo said...

lol Aw! Too cute!!

Sometimes I miss those baby wearing days. =)

Sara said...

I WANT TO SQUOOSH HIM!!!! He is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! No wonder you're already looking forward to the next- you guys make beautiful babies!!!!

Niki said...

Holy crap you have one cute kid! This conversation was my favorite by far.

Nicki said...

he is so darn cute and has gained so much weight! What a little ham! An awesome blog writer too!

S.I.F. said...

He is getting so big! And that smile! Oh how I love that smile!

Shell said...

LOL @ pimpin!

He's so stinking cute!


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