Monday, April 11, 2011

Cutting it off

I thought of a million and one blog posts over the weekend.

Then Jellybean finally rolled over Sunday night and my brain turned to mush. It was as if he had won an Olympic Gold Medal or the lottery. We clapped, we cheered. I may have cried a little. And all possibility of me writing a grown up coherent post vanished.

Because I was busy cooing and going – Mommy is so proud of you! Yes, she is! (Tickle, Tickle, Kiss, Kiss) You are such a  big boy! I knew you could do it! Yes, I did! (More clapping!)

Luckily after a full nights sleep  my brain regenerated a few precious cells and I was able to remember what this post was going to be about. You know other than Jellybean like all my posts from the last millennium or so.

So did you see this tweet I put out last week.

Yea, I was PISSED. I’ve made it pretty obvious on a few occasions that my hubby lacks money management skills. By lacks money management skills I actually mean he doesn’t have any. AT ALL. The only successful method we have had is him giving me all of his money. Doesn’t do much for his ego but it works for getting the bills paid.

So, after he royally f$%@#*  messed up again with managing his money, along with getting a red light ticket AND his truck breaking down BEFORE I got my first check from going back to work, I had to make some tough money decisions in our home. One of those times where I had to look at our expenses and see what could go – separate the luxuries from the necessities. The first thing that stood out to me was our cable TV. I was paying for HD digital Cable and a DVR. I never had time to watch TV since going back to work. Seriously – I hadn’t watched TV once. Hadn’t gotten online either but I need the internet connection for when Jellybean is sick and I have to work from home. Joey on the other hand – he would come home and just zone out in front of the TV for hours. All the chores stacking up around the house would go unnoticed as he stared endlessly into the idiot box. For $19.95 a month I could keep the internet and ditch the TV. That was all I needed to hear!

Last Wednesday, I had them cut us off.

The first night – all the plants in the yard were replanted. The trees were trimmed and our flower bed no longer looked like an overgrown mess.

The second night – he went and did a side job for his aunt.

Saturday we woke up early and took Jellybean into downtown with us. We went by the bank and then had breakfast down there and strolled around for a bit. There was no pressing need to get home and “relax” in front of the TV. We were too busy relaxing with each other. Jellybean was having a Daddy weekend anyhow – he only wanted me if he was hungry. It was actually really sweet to see Daddy and Jellybean bonding with each other. When we got home Daddy and Jellybean decided to spend some quality time together  -

While I cleaned up the house. I got down and dirty vacuuming couch cushions, filing all the paperwork that had stacked up and sweeping up. Right as I finished sweeping I shattered a glass all over the tile floor – true story…Sigh…

We spent the afternoon just playing with Jellybean. The purest, most enjoyable fun we have ever had in our lives. Who knew singing along with Elmo could be that much fun?

It took until Saturday night for Joey to pull the DVD player out and watch a movie.

He watched Wall-E.


Yes – I think he has embraced being a Daddy.

On Sunday we all woke up around 8am. We played some more and then Daddy broke out the infant carrier so he could take Jellybean for a walk. They sat and watched the cars go by for a bit and Jellybean fell asleep…until he walked in the front door. We decided to tackle Wal-mart while he was awake since our fridge looked like a starving college students. That’s what happens while you wait for your first back to work paycheck. My parents showed up while we were gone and my mom cleaned my entire house for me and did the laundry while we were there. Jellybean fell asleep on Daddy while we were at Wal-mart so they just wandered together while Daddy snuggled him. While there I picked up the cable to attach the laptop to the TV.

Its now certain – we are never getting cable again. Between Hulu, Crackle and Youtube – we don’t need it. Joey watched Pawn Stars and a few movies while I even found some Baby Einstein clips that Jellybean listened to and glanced at a few times.

I think the best part of this change though has been how much closer it made us. You don’t realize how much technology takes away from you as a family until you do without it. If I need to choose between all three of us being on the floor rolling around together or staring mindlessly at a picture on a screen. I think I’ll go for blowing raspberries, giggling and wiping up drool any chance I can get.

Taking away cable meant that Joey and I were both sitting there and watching when Jellybean rolled over for the first time. It means that our entertainment at night will be taking a walk together and bath time rather than a rerun of American Pickers or Orange County Choppers. It means that when my family is over we are all just talking and spending time with each other rather than being in the same house together.

I’ll take that over a TV any day!


Shell said...

Oh, that's a wise move!

Niki said...

Good for you its amazing what can be done when you don't have tv. we have made the decision to cancel ours too but we have to wait for the basketball season to done because we have the NBA package because Josh is a huge Lakers fan. I can't wait it will save me so much money!


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