Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm camping out at my sister's for the week housesittting and its alloted me time to make some realizations

Some significant, some trivial.>

A few I'm not ready to reveal yet. There's a process behind them and a few things that need to happen first so I'll hold onto those.

Anywho, so my sister and her hubby are away for work, her kids are going on vacation with the grandparents and the landlord needs to start showing the house this week since they are closing on a home the 15th of next month. So they needed someone to watch the neurotic cat who would go crazy if boarded. By neurotic I mean he rips his fur out randomnly. In his defense he did survive her having 4 kids under the age of 5 - can you blame him?

So here I am with Jellybean. In a house that has been cleaned from top to bottom. With a pool. And only the two of us to cook and clean for. This house doesn't have the plethora of stuff our house does.

Which leads to realization #1

I have WAY TOO MUCH "stuff" in our house. It's time for a major purge and a yard sale. Toys, knick knacks, blankets, sheets, random things we've held onto just because. It's all that "stuff" that makes the house so hard to keep clean.

Jellybean has half the amount of toys here and he's just as happy. Maybe happier. So things are going to go. Quickly. Having less to do means more time for Jellybean. It also means less to do at night.

Last night once I got Jellybean to sleep I managed to prepare tonight's dinner and breakfast, pump breastmilk, color 4 bags of pasta for the busy bag exchange, eat a snack, read a few chapters of my book,wipe down the kitchen, take a bath AND shave and still was in bed by 10.

Once I get rid of all the stuff and get things organized I won't feel as stressed and can just maintain. Having all that done ahead of time meant that we woke up this morning, ate breakfast, ran to Target for shoes, (Jellybean has Godzilla feet. He's 30.5 inches tal yet wears a 5.5 shoe!), ran to the playground for a minute, got ice cream, came back, swam, ate lunch and we're 3 hours into a nap. Lunch was leftovers from yesterday so no cooking again and no stress.

In that time I swept and mopped, vacuumed, folded laundry, worked on busy bags some more and now I'm even blogging!

Realization #2 -

I don't hate my job as much as I use to. I'm still looking for something else but its bearable now. I think people finally respect me and understand how HARD my job really is. It only took a little over six years.

Realization #3 -

Hanging out with my bundle of energy is the best thing ever. He's a handful but soehow I've gotten use to it and it doesn't stress me out anymore! I can laugh about it and realize how lucky I am to have my little buddy. He really is all I need in this world!

So that's where I am from now. Kind of on a vacation and learning a few things about myself too. It's nice. So, someone hold me accountable to get that purging done - ok?

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