Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Emerging from my black hole...

Knock. Knock.
Hello? Diana?
Just wondering if you were ever coming back to the blogging world. You’ve been gone a week now!
Mmm. Mmm hmmm.

It’s been a week here in our household!

I will sum up Thanksgiving as stressful, exhausting and highly successful.

I tallied two fullout blowouts – one with Joey (complete with tears, yelling, and a slammed door or two) and one with someone else right after Joey and I had wrapped up our disagreement. The 2nd argument was completely unnecessary as Joey had just explained to this person what we had just fought about and that neither one of us was in a good mood but I guess they missed the hint and took something I said the wrong way. Oh well, you live and learn and it all ended up working out in the end.

I was up at 5:30 on Turkey Day to start the bird and the ham and Joey got up as soon as the house warmed up enough for him. He tackled cleaning up the yard since that was where we were eating. I’m warning you now I don’t have any pictures since I was too busy going crazy to snap any. Luckily Joey’s aunt and uncle took a few so I will post those whenever I get copies. My mom and dad showed up around 10am to help me (search for my sanity) and everyone else arrived throughout the afternoon. We ended up with 15 adults, 7 kids, 3 dogs and amazingly 0 arguments! There was enough food to have fed three more families and plenty of joking, ribbing and stories shared. I finished doing dishes around 11pm and passed out.

Friday was a lazy day for me. Joey went to work with my brother-in-law on a project and I read a book, ate leftovers, took a bath and vegetated. It was divine.

Saturday I spent the day at my sister’s we had Starbuck’s, got pedicures, lounged, read and set up her tree. Sunday brought my niece’s Regional cheerleading competition – they did AMAZING!!! – and we are Nationals bound. She competes at Disney Monday at 3pm. I took the day off work to cheer her on and am so proud of how hard she has worked this year. The rest of the week has been cleaning, relaxing and just getting back to normal.

The last tidbit is unfortunately we didn’t see a BFP this cycle. We are taking a break from the TTC for a bit though – we have a few bigger things going on that really need to get dealt with first and Joey and I have a feeling once those are sorted out we will see everything else fall into place. We reached this decision together and both feel happy about it.

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