Monday, December 13, 2010

Conversations with Jellybean - Volume 13

Conversations with Jellybean

Jellybean: Hey Mom, What's going on out there?

Me: Well JB, we're having a little party for you.
Jellybean: Not to be rude, Mom, but wouldn't it make more sense to have a party when I'm actually here?

Me: Well yes, but this party is to "shower" you with gifts for when you do get here so Mommy and Daddy don't end up in the poor house trying to buy it all.
Jellybean: Oh that makes sense. Are there any games?

Me: Of course! Here's some of our guests sniffing and tasting dirty diapers - they had to figure out what kind of chocolate was in there!
Jellybean: Eww Mom! That is gross! (And so funny!)

Me: Daddy's friend really got into it too!
Jellybean: Bet you guys won't be doing that with my diapers!

Me: You've got that right kiddo!

Jellybean: So what kind of stuff did we get?

Me: Oh man buddy, I can't even list it all. How bout we look at some pictures instead?

Jellybean: You're in charge Mom!

How far along are you? 32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? +26 or 27 lbs

Rings - on or off? On

How are you feeling generally? Like crap - exhausted, moody, uncomfortable, my heartburn is brutal too

How are you sleeping? I'm not. I'm happy when I snag a few hours here and there.

Any stretch marks? No

Weekly BOOO HOOO? DH was being an idiot/a hole this week and I don't have the patience for him. We mutually ignored each other a few nights!

Weekly WHOO HOOO? Had our maternity shoot on Saturday - now the agonizing wait for pictures! Then my work baby shower Wednesday.

Is your belly itchy/hurting/ripping feeling? Yes, yes, and yes!

Did you get the baby a xmas/holiday present? No - I've only bought one present so far. I'm seriously slacking.


Adrienne said...

You are the tiniest little preggo! Your shower looks lovely. That diaper game is so gross, isn't it?

Shell said...

What fun! Glad you got a lot for Jellybean!

Nick and Kristi said...

Wow looks like you got a ton of Loot!!! and had a ton of fun....You look great:)

Nicki said...

congrats on the shower and NO STRETCH MARKS! I am jealous. I got my first stretch mark at about 4 months along...Ended up with them circling my stomach!


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