Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PYHO - Bigger than myself

I've been having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. With all the craziness of getting things ready for Jellybean's arrival and being broke - I was feeling more "Bah Humbug!" than "Ho! Ho! Ho!". I honestly wasn't sure if anything was going to turn my mood around and really get me inspired. I mean my house is decorated, the tree was up and I still felt nothing.

I had purchased one present. Yea....not looking promising!

Then I was listening to the radio on my way into work and I heard them talking about the critical shortage Toys For Tots had in our area. They had 27,000 children registered and try to give three toys to each child. Their warehouse currently only had 32,000 toys in it. That's clearly not enough toys. This broke my heart since I could never imagine Jellybean only getting one toy at Christmas. Not with our families. All of us adults would give up breathing and eating before we denied our kids Christmas.

Then I found my Christmas spirit and something which was bigger than me. One of the great things about my company in that we donate 50% of our profits to women's and children's charities. The owners don't collect any money from our company and the only reason they started our company is to support the foundation. Every year at Christmas rather than buy the owners a present the employees try to do something charitable in their name. We bought farm animals one year, last year we donated to Fisher House, and this year I spearheaded our collection for Toys for Tots!

The instant I wrote the email asking everyone at work to contribute I felt my Christmas Cheer building up. When I went to the store to purchase a gift that meter shot up a little bit. Now as people come by my office and drop off gifts or money - that meter may just go into overload.

So what changed?

Well - I still only have one gift purchased and plan on cramming in a crap load of Christmas shopping and finishing Jellybean's room into this weekend but now I'm actually excited. Through this one simple little act - the holiday stopped being about everything I still needed to get done. It went back to the true meaning - doing something for others. And while it started with Toys for Tots that spirit is now leaking into shopping for my family. I can actually get excited about sharing the gifts and season with them. The excitement of knowing that next Christmas there will be a very excited Jellybean tearing into gifts. And knowing that because of a simple email there will be some very happy children on Christmas morning!

If you are feeling more like Scrooge than Claus - I hope you too can find your spirit by looking outside yourself. Its amazing what a little perspective can do!

Shell over at Things I Can't Say hosts - Pour Your Heart Out. It is a place to just get whatever is weighing on your heart out. Please be kind to all of the posters.


ღღღ-Mumsy said...

That's wonderful what you're doing, and glad that you're in the Christmas spirit..Hope your project in collecting Toys for Kids a great big success.

Day 2 Day Living said...

I have had a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I haven't bought a single present but I am going this weekend. I just don't feel in the mood though.

Anonymous said...

We have a similar charity in our area - Santas Anonymous - that is also falling really short on donations this year!
My husband and I have started a toy drive to try to drum up some donations, and it feels wonderful to know that I am doing good.

We 2 Bees said...

Thanks for sharing what you are doing. I have been having a hard time as well, and trying to focus on others it the only thing that has brought my spirit around too! It's great how that helps!

Nick and Kristi said...

Good for your helping such a wonderful cause:) and yeah for Christmas Spirit!!!!

Shell said...

What a wonderful thing that you are doing!

Kim said...

Yay for the true Christmas spirit. Great idea!

MommaAmma said...

What a wonderful way to get in the spirit! I feel guilty every year. The amount of toys my kids get from people other than us/Santa is sickening.

Way to make something happen! Jellybean has a super good role model!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Great cause. Like you said, my boys receive hundreds of dollars worth of gifts, and they could certainly give out to others more. I always do, but love to do more.

Adrienne said...

What a beautiful post! I have been lacking much needed Christmas Spirit these lst few days. Your story gave me little Christmas chilll bumps! Good for you for doing this!


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