Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PYHO - A Year Ago

***Excuse any typos - typing this one handed again. Jellybean is snuggling!

A year ago today was the worst day of my life. My mom called me at 3:20pm to say that my dad was being rushed to the hospital because he had a stroke. I was at work and I remember running out into the common area and saying I was leaving because my dad had a stroke. People followed me to my car offering to drive me and I just got in and booked it to the hospital an hour away. I was the one who had to call my sister to tell her.

Once at the hospital things just got worse and quickly. He had another mini stroke while in the ER. Then once he was transferred to the Neuro floor there were 2 more mini strokes and a massive stroke. You do not know fear until you are standing in your father's hospital room as they call a code stroke and people start rushing in from everywhere. After that he was transferred to the ICU where he spent almost a week. We were all with my daddy around the clock. We got to know everyone who worked there and they all went the extra mile because they saw how loved he was.

That experience was a huge reality check for me. It made me realize that the most important man in the world to me (Sorry Hubby!) was in fact mortal and wouldn't be here forever. Not a thought I liked at all. I realized that no matter what life really is too short and I spent the next several months a basket case of anxiety and worry over my dad. I drove everyone crazy with my constant worry and neurotic state. I couldn't help it. I just love him so much that I went into a tizzy anytime I had to think of something happening to my Daddy.

Now a year later I know we are blessed. Since then I beat infertility and my sweet Jellybean is here. My daddy beat a completely occluded carotid artery and manged to have his "roto-rooter" done on the blocked side while the other side has been reducing blockage on his own. He is now relatively healthy and has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. I am lucky enough to be able to see this happen regularly -
Life might not be perfect but it sure could be a lot worse!

I'm pouring my heart out with Shell, won't you too?


Shell said...

What a difference a year makes! And how precious that pic is!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Well, Shell took the words right out of my mouth... that was totally what I was going to say!

I'm glad this year is going much better than last!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a year you've had! I love the shot of your dad and JB. Like you said, aren't these moments the best?

Sara said...

I'm so glad that your dad and baby get to know each other!! And could that picture be any sweeter???

Adrienne said...

That's a beautiful post. Appreciating our blessings is always the best!

Niki said...

I am so happy things turned around for you. That pict is really sweet.

Elle said...

That is the sweetest picture! Congrats on having so many precious people to be focusing on a year later. And life is too short to not actually live it! I tell myself that every single day. Happy Saturday! If you get a chance and wouldn't mind stopping by http://LYLASandCo.com that would be wonderful!!


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