Friday, March 11, 2011

Preparing for the Inevitable

I have started to prepare for the inevitable.

Despite all my attempts to avoid it and convice myself it wasn't going to happen.

That I could beat it, fight it or find a way around it.

But alas no rich uncles or winning lottery tickets have come my way so it looks like I will be returning to work after all.

Damn...that sucks.

On Wednesday I had the "pleasure" of resuming my annual exam with my OB/Gyn. Wonderful man, he really is but I could have held off on that again for awhile. The visit though gave me a chance to talk to him and air some of the things I have going on in my life behind the scenes. I wish I could share them here with all of you but I can't just yet. Trust me - that is a post that would be quite cathartic to get out and as soon as I can I will be writing it out. Talking to my doctor did help me to make some decisions and to decide how I needed to approach my return to work in a way that will be manageable for me. I can't just jump back into it like I haven't been gone due to what I have going on in the background. So my next step is to talk with my boss and see what we can work out. I already know that I am in fact NOT going to California which is a huge relief in itself for me. My tentative plan is to return to work April 4th. I will work half days in the office that week and half days from home so Jellybean can adjust to daycare. (Okay...so I can adjust too!)  After that I am hoping to work a modified schedule for a few months where I will leave an hour or so early and make up for it on the evenings and weekends working from home. I am hopeful that they will be agreeable to that arrangement. My doctor is in my corner willing to back me up if I need it. I hate being so vague with all of you but someday you will get the whole story!

Jellybean and I went by his daycare after the doctor appointment so that he could start to get to know his teacher. She spent some time rocking him to sleep and a large amount of time talking to me. I already knew it was the right place for us but after talking with her some more I am now certain. I'm planning on bringing him by a few more times before the big day and leaving him for an hour or so to ease us into it. I still hate the idea but it is inevitable. I will be nursing him before I go off to work, at lunch and then again when I pick him up. So, we're getting ready to resume life. I would say as normal but this is a brand new undertaking for us. Things are anything but normal but we are going to ride this wave and see where it takes us.


Shell said...

Sounds like you found a wonderful place for him and that you are finding a way that you will be able to adjust to work.

Sending you prayers that everything is okay.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I hope the best for you in this as well. Whatever is going on in the background, make sure you get all you need to keep the family #1, which is obviously your priority. That's why you rock!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I hope the transition goes smoothly for you. I know how hard this is on you, but know that in the end things will work out.

le Chef said...

These kinds of things ARE hard. Sometimes life hands us situations we simply can't look forward to, but we do what we have to.
As for the woman stuff; I don't know whats going on, but I had issues a few years back where everyone insisted I needed major surgery. After looking into things I decided against and have found other solutions that have worked out MUCH better. With some things there is NO going back. Make sure you know ALL your options, because sometimes, even though we know and trust our doc ... we find out there are better solutions for OUR body. Just saying. You are your best advocate.
Hang in there.

S.I.F. said...

I hope you're able to work out whatever you need lady! And that returning to work is as painless as possible!

Adrienne said...

Hope everything is well! It sounds like you are very clear headed on your return to work and have put a lot of thought into it for you and jellybean. You can't ask for more than that! You're doing a fabulous job!


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