Friday, May 6, 2011

Strange Things Happen

Strange things happen when you become a parent.

Your checking account suddenly sees balances that it hadn’t seen since you were in college and you were justifying that bar tab.

Your washing machine starts working overtime.

Your house looks like Babies R Us got Montezuma’s Revenge – baby stuff EVERYWHERE.

You think nothing of catching vomit and spit up with your  bare hands.

The biggest shocker for me –

Your husband, who was vehemently against cloth diapering and insisted you would have to keep disposables around just for him while you were pregnant is heard touting all the benefits of cloth to a friend of his with a three week old.
Yes – it happened. The hubby is all about the cloth.

He rinses them out without flinching. Has learned how to snap them onto Jellybean in two seconds flat.

And he even talks to others about it.

Why? We use All-In-Ones at home – they are easy peasy – just like a disposable but reuseable – thus saving us moola. Once you’ve gone through enough disposable diapers and see the outrageous price for something you are just going to throw away, well its easy to become a fan. We had to use disposables much longer than we planned to since they don’t make cloth for Preemies. I stared longingly at my cloth diaper stash every time I bought another pack of Pampers. But Jellybean was taking his sweet time at growing into them. Finally one day we snapped one on and they fit.

So now at home we use cloth while at daycare and out and about we have disposables. He goes to daycare in a cloth and they send it home with him in a bag. Jellybean prefers his cloth diapers. They are more comfortable and feel oh-so-soft against his skin. Me – I don’t think its any more work. Breastfed baby poop isn’t all that gross and it rinses out really easily. I’m already doing a TON of laundry and its not like I ever get all my clothes put away anyhow. So washing a load of diapers is NO BIG DEAL.

What is a big deal? We aren’t going to run out of diapers at 9pm forcing a run when we’re tired. We aren’t spending tons of money on something that will just get thrown out. When we are ready for #2 – “Jujube” – we can use them again.

Hubby pointed all of this out to his buddy who still isn’t convinced. I laugh and say ha – you wait until you have to buy that jumbo pack and realize you just spent $50 on diapers and wipes alone.

Those cloth diapers are going to look pretty appealing then.

Next step – making our own baby food.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Serious! I love that he is the one all gung ho on it! That makes it even more cool. Whoot!

Tylaine said...

That is really awesome. I might have to think about the cloth for any future monkeys (no I'm not pregnant!)
Another money saving tip: make your own wipes using tee tree oil (it's also gentler on your babies skin and you can not only use them on toushies but all over the house!) I love love my wipes! I'm a bit of a clean freak and cleaning stuff can get so expensive!

S.I.F. said...

Holy cow! What the heck happened to your washing machine friend?!? Ha!!

Seriously loving that hubby is all about the cloth now though! :)


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