Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shutterfly rewards me for my slackerness!

I may have mentioned a few times recently that since Jellybean’s arrival I have been slacking. Lest you think that it is only at my blog which I slack at I wanted to reassure you that it is indeed life in general that I slack at. Along with spring cleaning, shaving my legs, and sleeping.
Case #1: Laundry
If it gets washed it most certainly does not get put away. Nope – we wait until the basket runs dry and repeat the process.
Case #2: Groceries….or lack there of
Case #3: Slacker Momma
EVERY mom out there is on the ball and sends out birth announcements right after their child is born, right? Especially when its their first kid and they are so excited he has joined them.
Yep, every mom except for poor Jellybean’s momma.
See, when Jellybean decided to make his grand arrival four weeks early and then spend two weeks in the NICU. His momma forgot about those birth announcements. Luckily Shutterfly has my back.
For Jellybean’s 4.5 month birth announcements. (What? I’m starting a new trend. And he’s still not much bigger than a newborn!)
You might remember that Shutterfly also helped me out with Christmas cards too! Thank goodness for them.
Well now they are offering bloggers 50 free spring announcements instead. This is why I heart them so much. That’s not all though! They are going to have my back when it comes time to do Jellybean’s christening announcements (yep, slacking again!) oh and for my Dad – a photo book for Father’s Day – full of Jellybean pictures. And cute shots as Spring takes over here in Florida and we take Jellybean to the beach or to swing out front of the house.
So basically – Shutterfly makes my slacking a worthwhile cause and saves my bootay once again. Dear, dear Shutterfly. I see meetings again for Halloween, Christmas and Jellybean’s birthdays. I’m so glad you know when I’ve been slacking. This is going to be a relationship that will last us a long, long time.

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