Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm never buying another toy...ever

I may have mentioned a few times that Jellybean has an abundance of toys.

His room doesn't have a crib in it because we had to make room for his train table.

Our living room has toys in it, our kitchen, the front yard and the back porch.

You might be able to understand why I was a little upset when he insisted on playing with this on Sunday morning instead of all the toys at his disposal.

Thanks for breaking the bank Jellybean.

If only I would have known.

I'm adding laundry baskets and mop buckets to my baby shower gift list!


Sara said...

Lol.... He is so flipping cute!!! I once spent an hour playing with my niece and one of those grippy mat things that goes under an area rug. I kid you not.....

Samantha said...

They enjoy the simple things...it's crazy.

Ducky said...

I keep trying to tell my ex that he is wasting his money and its always a crap shoot with the toys. Somehow its MY fault when LilDuck doesn't play with uber expensive toys he has spend a TON of money on. *eyeroll*

Your little bean is too cute with that basket though :O)

Sara S said...

Too cute! I'm trying so hard not to buy A toys like crazy! We have so much fun with some random things, laundry baskets, tupperware, spoons, boxes. It's great!


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