Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things that haven't happened

I was not attacked by rabid bears.

Jellybean didn't pack his stuff up and run away.

No natural disaters claimed our home forcing us to live out of a refrigerator box without internet service.

I didn't move to China and lose my ability to blog

Nope, none of those things happened. I haven't been blogging because life has been way too busy.

My coworker left and the person who is supposed to be handling all of her projects is trying to learn the process. I've been getting everything ready for a tradeshow, managing my projects and managing the other projects.

On top of that Joey has been working massive overtime so its been me and Jellybean flying solo most nights.

So not only have I not written any blogs - I haven't read any either.

In fact, I've been falling asleep when I put Jellybean to bed most nights and then waking u an hour later to have to wash dishes and prep meals.

We are finally somewhat starting to get caught up financially though.

Hopefully that means I'll be back here again soon.

1 comment:

Sara S said...

Sounds crazy! Glad to hear things are getting better financially though, that really does help out a bunch!!


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