Friday, May 4, 2012

Sometimes You Need a Push (or a Shove!)

I haven't been happy at my job for a long time.

I have been there over six years with only one significant raise and one promotion in that time. I've basically been doing the same job for five years. Day in day out. Without learning anything new.

Without growth. I didn't feel valued or respected. I was toughing it out though. I needed the paycheck. I was pregnant and then had a newborn. Neither were ideal times to make a change. So I drudged on. Underpaid. We've been struggling to make ends meet.

I needed a push to make myself REALLY get motivated to change things.

That came in the form of my co-worker handing in her two weeks notice. She had found a new job and was moving on.

Talk about a kick in the ass.

This week I revamped my resume and applied for the jobs I really want. That excite me. Are what we need for our family. That will make me happy to go into work in the morning.

With my coworker leaving the company is now of course scrambling to right their wrongs - there's talks of growth, raises and promotions.

I'm afraid it may be too little too late though. The idea of a new place and new tasks excites me more than committing to more of the same. Since it seems like nothing ever really changes.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes open for opportunities which will come my way.

I reached for some BIG jobs that may be a little ambitious but after years of underestimating what I'm capable of. It felt good.

Say a little prayer for me and let's hope I get to hand a notice in soon too!

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Samantha said...

Good luck on moving on :)


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